5 Tips For Being a Good Roommate

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Do you have a bad track record when it comes to roommates?

You’re not the only one. Living with a roommate is something most people do at some point in their lives, but it doesn’t always go well. Whether it’s that college friend, your sibling or a total stranger, it’s never easy to share your living space with someone else.

Since people have different personalities and ways of doing things, this can cause conflict at times. No matter your reason for sharing a living space, how you treat each other makes the difference.

Here are 5 crucial tips to help you become a good roommate.

1) Clean Your Mess in Shared Spaces

There’s bound to be a conflict if one person doesn’t put enough effort into cleaning the house. Since cleanliness is essential, ensure you clean on-the-go. In case you’ve had a movie night or party that left the living room and kitchen messy, make sure you clean the house first thing in the morning. Any untidy behavior such as letting dishes pile up in the sink should be avoided.

2) Controlling Noise Levels

A home should be your quiet place where you come to relax after a hard day. However, what we consider relaxing might not be the same to others. Some people relax after school or work by listening to some loud music or doing other things that might be irritating to their roommates.

It’s crucial to give your roommate some space by keeping the noise levels to a minimum. If you have to listen to music, look for a way to do it without distracting your roommate. If you are a morning person, don’t let your preparations wake your roommate.

For instance, buy a quiet hair dryer that won’t distract your roommate from their sleep. Check out this list of the best quiet dryers from A Quiet Refuge.

3) Clear Your Bills

The reason most people look for roommates is to share costs. Your job might not be paying enough for you to afford your own apartment, which might push you to look for a roommate. In case you have bills to share, make sure you honor your part of the deal. Don’t let your partner be thrown out due to your own failure to pay the bills.

In case you are facing a difficult time paying the month’s bills, inform your roommate in good time. They might be willing to swing it until you are able to refund them.

4) Be Friendly and Social

When it comes to finding a roommate, it can be anyone from a best friend to a stranger. When living with someone new, it’s always vital to building a friendship to make life livable. Be welcoming and friendly to your new roommates. You don’t have to join their friendship circle or do things you don’t like to please them.

Continue with your normal life but adjust habits that you think might offend them ahead of time, not after they’ve noticed.

However, don’t be too friendly; inviting strangers into every bit of your life might lead to disappointments in the future.

5) Don’t Take Without Asking

One of the biggest problems when sharing a hostel or house is having a roommate who takes things without asking. This is an offensive behavior that can lead to mistrust and conflict. It can be irritating to realize your shampoo or gel is running out at a rate you didn’t expect.

Exercise basic courtesy by asking for something before using it. Learn to buy your own things to avoid rubbing your roommate the wrong way.

Final Thoughts

How you treat your roommate will determine whether living with them will be a good experience or challenge. Bottom line: always be on your best behavior and treat them with respect.


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