5 Ways To Make Your Event Massively Memorable

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Events should be about creating memories and while there are several different types of event categories, the basic principles of event planning remain the same. On the special day of your anticipated event, every fine detail should matter as these tiny details will come together to make a massive impact on your guests. Whether you are hosting an exciting business event, or you are planning the wedding of the century, the following top tips will help ensure you are able to make the big day massively memorable for all those in attendance.

Splash On Catering

There’s no denying that everyone enjoys good food and while you may be under the impression that catering services are only necessary for large scale events, opting for a renowned event catering service to impress your guests is a sure way of upping the style and atmosphere at any category of events. Therefore, you can completely transform an intimate baby shower simply by selecting a catering service that will compliment your chosen theme. It would be a massive mistake to avoid a catering service as you should rather focus on other details of your event rather than attempting to showcase any kitchen skills you may possess. Catering to a large number of people is a significantly different skill in comparison to feeding your family at home. 

Create Excitement Around The Event

To impress your guests most, the day of the event should be flawless, although, the same can be said for the days leading up to the event. People enjoy anticipating excitement and therefore, to enhance the mood on the big day, you should be taking steps to market and promote the event. Even if you are hosting a bridal shower, you can still take measures to get your guests hyped up for an extraordinarily exciting experience. Be sure to communicate with your attendance list to ensure your guests are all on board with the event and make extra efforts of sending out teasers of sorts. If you are marketing a business event, you will be able to promote the big day with digital marketing tactics, such as creating advertisements and remaining active on social media platforms.

Focus On First Impressions

You will only have one chance to make a first impression, which is why you should focus enough energy towards ensuring your guests will arrive impressed from the second they enter the venue of choice. First impressions can be affected by elements such as decor choice, the general dress code of event staff, catering service choice, music choice and volume, and others. When considering that it takes just 7 seconds for an individual to establish their first impression, it would be a great idea to test the events ability to make a statement by being at the venue as early as possible and tying up any loose ends before the event starts.

Be An Elegant Host

If you aren’t able to be an elegant host, you should definitely employ one to set the tone of the evening. Hosts have the uncanny ability to make or break an event, and therefore, it would be wise to carefully assess candidate choices and ensure your chosen host has experience with the specific event category. The host will have the responsibility of entertaining, delighting, intriguing, and shaping the atmosphere of the event, which means your guests will be directly impacted by your choice of host. Therefore, your host should be able to engage the guests and manage the special day. However, certain events, such as baby showers, may not require the assistance of a professional host, in which case, it would be best to compliment the intimate setting by acting host yourself.

Thank Your Guests

The guests in attendance are basically the structure of the event and without them, the event would hardly be a success. Therefore, you should have a strategy in place to thank your guests and make them feel appreciated for attending. While some event planners opt for cute or intriguing gift bags that compliment the event theme, others may offer gift cards. Smaller and more intimate events may require a mere physical thanking of guests rather than gifting, although, considering everyone enjoys a great gift bag, the effort will be well worth the small additional spend. When creating your gift bags, it is essential to include items that your guests will find useful rather than filling them with meaningless items that may offend some or all of your guests.


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