7 Tips for Barhopping in Guam

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Guam isn’t just famous for its beaches, unique culture, and history, it’s also home to a world-famous entertainment scene. The nightlife and bars in Guam offer something for everyone. If you ever find yourself in Guam, you owe it to yourself to at least take a peek at what the island’s popular nightspots have to offer. 

Here are a few traveler-approved tips that will take your Guam barhopping experience to the next level.

 Find Hotel Accommodations in Tumon

If you’re traveling alone and the nightlife is a major reason you’re in Guam, you might find that it’s best to book a hotel in Tumon. While there are bars and clubs throughout Guam, Tumon has most of them. They’re also mostly clustered together within walking distance, making it easy to hop between bars without needing to call for an expensive taxi or a rideshare service. The lack of public transportation options in Guam also means that you’d rather be in Tumon where there are a lot of bars and other entertainment spots within easy reach.

Expect to Pay a Bit More Than You Would on the Mainland 

Drinks can get expensive, at least when compared to the US mainland or extremely popular destinations such as Cancun in Mexico, Ibiza in Spain, or Koh Phangan in Thailand. This all comes down to the fact that Guam is a remote island in the Western Pacific, literally an ocean away from the rest of the USA. Almost everything has to be shipped in, which adds to the cost of goods and services — your drinks included. As Guam only has a small population, shipments are also relatively infrequent, which further raises the prices of everything on the island. Don’t fret, though. Service in Guam tend to be better than on the mainland.

Expect a Laid-Back Yet Thrilling Nightlife Experience

Despite the cost of drinks and entertainment, Guam’s nightlife easily compares with that of any major US city. It’s also more cosmopolitan than any nightlife scene outside those of major cities on the US East and West Coast. The nightlife atmosphere on Guam is less hectic than in most major US cities but is no less fun, thanks to the amazing people. Locals and long-time Guam residents tend to be warm and laid-back, which means that you’re going to leave the island with countless fun memories. That is, if you ever beat the urge to just stay here for good.

There Are Family-Friendly Nightlife Options Available

If you want to go barhopping but are bringing family over, there are still plenty of things to do that don’t involve a visit to one of Guam’s popular dives. Guam is not especially well-known for providing a family-friendly entertainment experience but it does have plenty of options for family fun nonetheless. The holiday season is an especially interesting time to visit Guam, and you’ll find plenty of family-friendly displays and night markets around Tumon and other villages. Be sure to check out the Chamorro Village Wednesday Night Market before you leave. 

Bars Usually Close at 2 a.m.

Bars in Guam tend to close at 2 a.m. on weekdays and 4 a.m. on weekends, which may be too early if you’re used to the 24-hour barhopping experience found in many major cities back on the mainland. Thankfully, most bars do open around noon, so there’s plenty of time to have fun.

There’s a Great Variety of Bars to Choose From

There are, of course, plenty of adult-oriented bars and nightclubs in Guam. But despite what you might have heard, that’s not the only type of entertainment offered in the territory. There are also plenty of clubs that are quite wholesome, and a number of them are just all-around great places to hang out in. Most spots have a fun theme that helps keep things interesting, and some clubs also specialize in different types of music. Whether you like electronica, hip-hop, disco, jazz, 80s hair metal, or virtually any genre of popular music, there’s sure to be a club playing your favorite tunes. If you love dancing, there are plenty of options for that as well. If you ever are in Guam, be sure to check if there are any well-known acts currently visiting. You just might be surprised who you’ll run into!

Guam Has Some Big-City Problems, Too

Street crime and traffic safety are problems in every big city on the mainland US. While Guam isn’t a “big city” by any means, it is affected by these issues regardless. While you can and should let loose when you’re in the territory, it’s important to exercise common sense when you’re barhopping. Thankfully, crime isn’t as big of an issue as it is in major American cities, so only moderate caution is warranted. If you’re renting a car or if you’re a designated driver, many bars would be more than happy to give you complimentary non-alcoholic beverages if you’re with a group.

Guam is one of the most underrated nightlife destinations in America, if not the world. Hopefully, these tips will help make your Guam barhopping experience memorable for all the right reasons. 

What other tips do you have for enjoying clubs and bars in Guam? We’d love to hear from you!

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