Are You an Alcoholic? 5 Warning Signs of an Alcohol Addiction

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Are you an alcoholic? If you think you may have an alcohol problem, make sure you realize your addiction. Here are 5 warning signs of an alcohol addiction.

Each year, alcohol causes about 88,000 deaths which makes it the third-leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States. Heavy alcohol can lead to liver disease and increases the chance of many types of cancer. 

Are you an alcoholic? Are you concerned about a loved one you believe drinks too much?

Keep reading for a guide to some of the warning signs of alcohol use disorder (AUD) and alcoholism.

  1. Increased Tolerance to Alcohol

Over time, your body gets used to the amount of alcohol you drink. For someone who doesn’t drink a lot, one glass of wine or a cocktail gives them a buzz. 

Does it take more alcohol to achieve the same level of buzz or relaxation than it used to? Do you drink a lot more than others without feeling drunk? 

Increased or high tolerance to alcohol is a warning sign that you’re drinking too much. 

  1. Issues With Control

You’re going out with friends and you tell yourself you’ll stop at two glasses of wine. By the end of the night, you realize you’ve had far more instead. This is binge drinking and it’s especially bad for your health. 

An inability to control the amount you drink is a sign of alcoholism. Many alcoholics aren’t able to stop drinking after one or two drinks.

  1. Drinking Throughout the Day

You wake up shaky and a little hungover so you mix up a Bloody Mary to ease you through the rough morning. Drinking in the morning or throughout the day is a sign of a serious drinking problem. 

If you need alcohol to get you through the day, that’s a problem. Alcohol masks underlying issues like depression and anxiety. Instead of facing those problems, you’re hiding them with alcohol. 

  1. Physical Changes

High levels of alcohol harm your body. Although some people can drink high amounts without a lot of physical issues, most people can’t. There are physical signs you have a drinking problem, such as:

  • Excessive, constant bloating in the face and body
  • Stomach pains
  • Weight gain
  • Withdrawal signs when you don’t drink

Withdrawal signs include anxiety, shaky hands, nausea, vomiting, and excessive sweating. More serious withdrawal includes hallucinations and seizures. Read more about alcohol withdrawal symptoms

  1. Drinking Regardless of Consequences

If you continue drinking regardless of the consequences, it’s likely you have a drinking problem. Do you drive after drinking too much even though you know you shouldn’t? That’s a sign you’re unable to control your drinking. 

Are your relationships falling apart due to alcohol, yet you continue drinking? That’s another sign of ignoring the consequences of your drinking. 

Putting your career at risk for alcohol is another sign you’ve got a drinking problem. 

Are You an Alcoholic?

Are you an alcoholic? If the signs above pertain to you, it’s possible you’ve got an alcohol problem. 

Alcoholism is a disease, and it’s treatable. Don’t let alcohol destroy your life and relationships. If you’ve got a problem with alcohol, get help now. 

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