Australia extends travel ban to people who have been in China

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Australia is an amazing country, with vibrant nature, crystalline waters and brilliant sunshine. You can attend a concert at the Sydney Opera House, dive the Great Barrier Reef or visit places of luxury in Melbourne accompanied by local escorts. Anything goes here, although things have changed recently due to the coronavirus.

If you’ve recently been to China and are hoping to visit the land of Crocodile Dundee, you’ll have to wait, at least for 14 days. This is because the country has effected a series of measures aimed at avoiding the spread of the coronavirus. One such measure is the closure of its borders.

It is now the fourth week of Australia’s ban on international flights coming in from China. The ban began on the 1st February 2020 and, at first, was only to be in force for 14 days. However, on Thursday 20th February, an extension was announced.

The ban applies to foreign nationals who have travelled to China, who will not be able to enter Australia until 2 weeks have passed since they left the Asian country – the virus’s incubation period.

Australian nationals and permanent residents who have been in China will be able to enter the country, but will be required to remain under quarantine for the same length of time.

The Australian government relaxed these measures a few days ago, when they announced that they would allow the entry of secondary school students, except for those from Hubei. It is expected that, in the next few days, university students will also be allowed to enter.

More recently, the ban has led the University of Melbourne to offer a subsidy of $7,500 to Chinese students.

Of course, this measure is having a large impact on the Australian economy. The coronavirus is predicted to cost Australia 8 billion dollars.

Cases of coronavirus in Australia

In Australia, 15 cases of the virus have been detected, and the disease has caused over 2,000 deaths worldwide. Ten of the Australian cases have already recovered and been discharged from hospital.

All 15 cases diagnosed in Australia are people who were in Wuhan, except for one individual who contracted the virus through contact with a carrier.

Now, the seven people infected on the Diamond Princess cruise, who are under quarantine, must be added to that figure. The boat has been docked in Yokohama, Japan, since they were denied the right to disembark in the country after the first person infected on board was detected on the 3rd February. 

How is covid-19 affecting escorts?

The coronavirus is transmitted by respiratory means. There has been a large amount of social panic since the discovery of the first cases, and many people are afraid to participate in certain social activities for fear of contagion. This affects the work of call girls for two reasons: (1) clients are afraid to use their services and become infected, and (2) escorts are reluctant to work as any client could be a carrier of the virus.


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