Best Essential Oil Brands

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Do you want to know which essential oil brands are famous in the market? Well, before you plan to buy any essential oil from the market, it is imperative to make a list of all those famous brands that are known for producing high-quality essential oils for customers. If you are still confused, then right here, we have compiled a list of top famous brands of essential oils to pick the reliable one for yourself.  


Young Living is one of the most well-known companies of essential oil. A team of managers from this company has founded doTERRA in the year 2008. This brand is aiming to provide reliable and best products of essential oils among its distributors. 

They are also involved in educating their consumers about the different benefits of therapeutic oils. High standards and quality is their primary concern. Each of its oil products is certified by GCMS. Their lavender essential oils are one of the most top leading oils in the market today.

Young Living

Young Living started working in 1994. This company was set-up by Gary Young and Mary. Mary is his wife. This company has introduced some incredible essential oils which are developed through complete research and laboratory testing. They are budget-friendly to purchase right now.They are aiming to introduce all-natural and safe products of essential oils for their consumers to win their satisfaction level. Another primary reason, due to which their essential oils are so much appealing for the customers, is because of its affordable prices.

Eden Garden

In 2009, Eden Garden started functioning. The main objective of this company is to promote natural and healthy essential oils for a better healthy lifestyle. They believe in displaying the affordable and excellent quality of therapeutic oils. This company has also expanded its product services to natural deodorants as well as synergy blends. The best thing about this company product is that they are entirely organic. All of their essential oil products are available at affordable prices. 

Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy started working in 2011. They are offering their essential oil products in high standards and at affordable prices. They also believe in providing excellent customer service for their consumer convenience. Besides they have some unique and purest synergistic blends as well as plant essential oils.

For testing its products, the company uses the process of organoleptic testing. This is done to test the standardized quality of essential oils. All of their essential oil products are safe and 100% effective. They are budget-friendly to purchase right now. It is entirely free from all sorts of fillers or additives. For a better immune system functioning, using Plant Therapy, essential oil is the best option for you.

Final verdict 

So these have been few primary and famous essential oil brands that have made an incredible place in the market for delivering high-quality and best essential oil products. All the brands which we discussed in our list are reputable and have a high status in the market.


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