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Business ‘Hacks’ Worth Knowing About

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What is leadership? Is it the ability to fling ourselves into danger before those we manage do? After all, in the military, a unit leader will be expected to head into danger first before his squad does, meaning that the leader does not push his men from the front, but rather takes a head-on attitude to whatever is waiting in front of them.

In some cases, leadership is faceless. For instance, those working in the lower levels of an organization may never be granted an audience with the top corporate executives no matter how hard they try, or unless being honored for exceptional service in some way. 

But while we have the idea that leadership is always perfect and must never compromise, sometimes it can be defined by being ingenious and able to implement the important shortcuts that make sense to save time, or to remain more effective. As a small business leader, there are many considerations like this that could be defined as ‘hacks’ thanks to how useful they are.

We’d love to discuss some of these, and potentially help you become that better leader:

Reliable Shipping Services

If you can ensure that affordable LTL shipping for SMBs is part of your reliable freight movement arrangement, you can not only be confident in the timelines of your shipped goods, but in the regular competitive expenditure, you will benefit from in this light. Many business owners take this for granted, but the ability to not worry about being price gouged or impeded in your continual delivery needs can be a lifesaver, and this is especially true for small businesses trying to keep a carefully-cut budget.


We can often speak of marketing as if it’s a golden formula, or even a song. Hit the right notes, and like the pied piper, you will gain customers that follow you everywhere. Or rather, that’s the idea. But the truth is that often, customers and clients need to become aware of your services through being advertised to many times, and in the social media climate, this means continually retargeting your demographics to increase their likelihood of clicking your links at the right times. This means we should think about marketing as not a one-and-done achievement, but a cycle of possibilities.

Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials given by your users can not only provide you with insight that helps you realign your business vision or address issues that are being felt, but this also can serve as an excellent means of providing testimonials to unsure potential customers, and affording perhaps the rawest and most authentic form of marketing copy to new users. Provided you continually adjust your products and act from a pro-consumer standpoint, you’ll be sure that four to five-star reviews continually sell your products for you. Curating bad or incorrect criticisms can also be a reliable ideal. If you can achieve that, you’ll hack your way to further marketing strength.

With these simple tricks, we hope your business can find itself in a stronger position more easily than you may have anticipated.



Sarah Williams is a self-development writer who is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. She believes that true happiness comes from taking care of your body and having great relationships. You can connect with her at Wingman Magazine. Website: http://get-a-wingman.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/sarahatwingman

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