Create A Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

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Maintaining a balanced diet is something we should all strive towards especially now we are spending more time at home. Little treats are great but breakfast doesn’t have to be difficult and can still be healthy. Making breakfast treats such as banana breads and muffins also don’t have to be difficult as long as you have the right equipment. Counting scales are good for all types of usage. Breakfast smoothies are a wonderful way to jampack your tummy with a big dollop of goodness. It’s simple, quick and very easy on digestion, which makes it perfect if you’re on the go, or trying to lose a few extra pounds! This little recipe is full to the brim of fibre, and antioxidants and it can all be whipped up in your blender.

For this recipe you will need: 

– One cup of almond milk

– Five dates

– One banana

– One fig

– One serving of chia seeds (around 15g)

– Handful of blueberries

– Handful of kale

Chia seeds give you a real kick of vitamins and they are also packed full of good healthy fats including Omega 3, fibre and other essentials to keep your body in good working order. You can throw them onto everything! They blend into everything, with no distinctive taste, it means you can get sprinkle happy and not worry about the overwhelming taste putting you off your favorite foods! You can use five dates, chopped, although for more sweetness add a few more, and for less sweetness, just add 2-3.

Firstly, add the wet ingredients, the almond milk (although you can use coconut milk which gives it a little extra creaminess but that is purely down to personal preference), then you can throw in the sticky dates, and then finally everything else. If you want to make the smoothie a little thinner and less gloopy, then add half a cup of water, or ice, but you can use cold water as ice chunks don’t always fully blend.

Zap it all up and pour it into a glass.  On top, you can add extra chia seeds which are my favorite, they’re reminiscent of finely chopped nuts, powdery, but not too much and definitely not drying in the mouth. They’re also much easier to eat, if the thought of seeds doesn’t bode well with you. You can also add a few extra blueberries on top just for taste and decoration. Add paper straws, to be good to the planet and be eco friendly whilst you’re at home. They Look cute and can be recycled. They also add a little bit of summary-ness to anything and will certainly impress the kids…. That is until they go soggy! Now more than ever we need to stock up on our vitamins and stay healthy. It’s vital to be safe, to listen to advice and be vigilant always. Making sure ourselves and our families are eating nutritious food is going to be vital for our physical and mental health so get making some fun and fresh things today and enjoy your time at home.



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