Ditch The City Breaks

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While many people dream of visiting the world’s largest cities, there are also other things worth experiencing at least once in your lifetime. Instead of busting your entire budget on that European vacation you’ve been dreaming of, let your wallet rest and save up even more for the eventual vacation.

In the meantime, you can go somewhere cheaper and still have the time of your life. Farm stays are one of the latest trends in travel and for good reason. It’s the best way to experience a different lifestyle, to reconnect with nature and relax surrounded by animals. And while you won’t find any Lamborghinis on a farm, you can relax in some of the best tractor seats.

You’ll most probably be amazed by how many things you can learn from spending a week at a farm stay. The skills you can learn from farmers may even save your life one day if you happen to get stranded on a deserted island or in a dense forest.

The food is top-notch compared to most foods you’ll find in a supermarket or your local restaurants. That’s because they cook fresh and with all-natural ingredients. If you’ve never tried food from local farms, this is another great reason to try a farm stay.

Enjoy the simple life

Almost non-existent traffic, country roads, fresh air – it’s like you’re in a different world. Forget business calls or checking your Instagram feed for the same boring selfies and food pics you’re so used to. Go take a selfie with one of the farm animals or make a short TikTok clip about some of the funny stuff that animals usually do in their habitat.

Even if you’re not too enthusiastic about animals or about farming equipment, just spending a day in a rural area, preferably with a forest nearby, is beneficial to your health. Whether you choose to view this relaxation process through the eyes of a scientist or through the eyes of a spiritual person, you’ll come to the same conclusion: it works.

From an evolutionary standpoint, humans are still not ready for modern society as we know it. Our bodies haven’t adapted to the busy city life, to staying in front of a screen all day, or the psychological impact of being judged by society so easily thanks to social media. 

Regardless of the benefits of current technology, it is hard not to notice the downsides. A rural escape can have a major positive impact on your overall health, even if you plan on staying only for a week.

Life-saving skills

As a city dweller, you’re probably used to having your food delivered to your door, or having it ready in less than five minutes at your local fast-food restaurant. Let’s pretend for a moment that society suffers a major economic collapse. Then what? Can you grow your own food? Do you have the necessary skills to plant and maintain a garden?

Or you might need to build a shelter and forage for food in case you ever get stranded. Whatever the case, such situations are never too far out of reach, and it’s better to be prepared.

The skills you’ll learn at a farm could save your life in severe cases. And you’ll have the opportunity to learn at least the essential parts just by going to a farm stay. As history has shown us, another “great depression” can happen at any moment, when you least expect it. So you might as well learn some new things now while you still have the chance.

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