Fun and Affordable Things for Anyone Who Just Wants to Feel Human During COVID-19

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If you are one of the millions of Americans (and people around the world) stuck inside due to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), you’re probably adjusting to a new and unique way of life. Movie night out with friends may be replaced with a Netflix Party or the planned family reunion may now be a Zoom meeting. Many people are working from home and figuring out how to work remotely while kids are busy doing schoolwork in the home. Kitchens have become makeshift classrooms and offices, covered in Chromebooks, laptops, and smart devices for virtual learning, which can be stressful for everyone. Working parents have transformed from company CEO into a school teacher while trying to figure out how all the new programs work. While you may be happy you don’t have to don business suits, ties, and buy breakfast for those early meetings, social distancing may have created some new challenges. You’ve also may have noticed that beautiful manicure you got is slowly growing out (as well as those unmentionable gray roots); however, you don’t have to always trade in the nicely coiffed hair for a messy bun. Here are some fun and affordable things making you feel more human again during social distancing.

Anxiety, stress, and cabin fever can negatively affect your skin, especially when surrounded by the same four walls, people, and even pets (sorry, Fido). The largest organ in your body can suddenly flare up with a rash, eczema, psoriasis, or acne. Trying to limit irritants can be challenging, though, in this time of social distancing, so it’s important to take time for you. Treat yourself to some pampering products, many of which can be delivered to your door. Sephora offers free shipping on many purchases and items which you can find for under $30. Ginzing skin scrub or eye cream from Origins helps leave a combination of skin types feeling fresh and smooth. When mom and dad are done teaching, working, and all are exhausted, wind down with some educational fun while the tub fills for bath time. Add some fragrant products from Lush. They feature vegan soaps, shampoos, creams, and kid-friendly products.

Keeping with a normal routine can benefit those working from home. Dressing cozy during a long day of work and school is important. Maintain some form of professionalism or “comfy chic” even at the dining room table. Feel great with the latest styles from the eco-friendly Paloma company, a women’s clothing boutique located in Portland. They have a variety of comfy socks, bottoms, dresses, accessories, and hats. You don’t have to spend a lot of time putting on makeup. Glamnetics offers a variety of false lashes in different colors and lengths. There’s no sticky glue needed to adhere these eyelash extensions. For under $30, you can feel glamorous with faux mink lashes that stick in a fun and futuristic way. The gel or pencil eyeliner has micromagnetics inside and when you’re practicing the perfect wing, the lash band attracts to the liner, giving the lashes a natural look.

Being stuck at home means not being able to head out to cover those roots or brighten up your locks. You may not have been able to have the pink hair you’ve always while working at the office, but at home you can be daring. Have some fun and pick a new hue from Overtone, a semi-permanent colored conditioner that, with proper care, leaves hair healthy and shiny. There are vibrant blues, extreme greens, deep or pastel purples, and rose gold. The company even created a new line. Their bestseller is coloring for brown hair so blondes aren’t the only ones who have fun. You can buy kits that have coloring conditioner to create your look, including a daily conditioner to keep the color fresh. Create your own custom look with the help of their coloring professionals or pick a new color to mix. When you’re ready to go back to your natural color, just use regular conditioner to fade it away.

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