How Does Your Use Of Technology Effect The Environment?

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There is obviously no denying the fact that technology is hugely beneficial to any business. But, how does technology impact on the environment? 

There is no avoiding the issue that we’re in a climate crisis. We all need to make changes to the way that we live our lives and run our businesses. But how does going digital affect the environment? 

You might think that it doesn’t need thinking about. However, this is a complex area, and it is one that we should all be paying attention to. 

How To Use Technology To Reduce Your Impact On The Environment

There are lots of ways that you can use technology to save paper. By using an automated invoicing service such as Papersave ( you can completely eradicate invoices from your workplace. This means that you won’t need to print anything out, meaning lower requirements for paper, and as a result, less damage to the environment. 

By installing digital meters, you can monitor your energy consumption throughout your business. You could go a step further and use lighting and devices that utilize the internet of things. By having the ability to turn off unnecessary lights, electrical devices, and appliances, you can take a firmer grip on your overall energy consumption.  

How To Minimize The Carbon Footprint Of Your Data

While digital technology has its benefits, there are also things that you should take into consideration. 

Everything that you do with your data will have an impact on the environment. You might think that words or numbers on a screen won’t make the slightest bit of difference, however, data has an environmental impact. 

Every email you send produces 0.000001 tonnes of CO2. Sounds like a tiny amount, right? But when you consider that many people will have thousands of emails in their inbox, and it’s not hard to send a considerable amount of emails each and every day. They can really add up. 

This is due to the amount of energy it takes to run data centers. We think about our data being something that lives somewhere on the internet, but in reality, businesses store data in power-hungry data centers. 

So, one thing that you can do is think about cutting down on the amount of emails that you send. When you write your initial email, do you anticipate anyone asking you are specific questions in return? If so, save them the need by giving all of the information in one hit. 

Before you reply to someone’s email to just say ‘thanks’, think twice. These two-word emails might be polite, however, they have a wider impact and can really add up. 

There are other ways you can help. If you are able to, opt to use web services from companies that make use of green web hosting services or data centers that rely on renewable energy to run. 

These small changes won’t affect the way your business runs, but they may help the planet.

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