How to Choose the Perfect Caterer for Your Wedding

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The day you get married is one of the most meaningful events of your life. After finally finding the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, the best way to celebrate your union is by sharing your special day with your family and friends. The preparations leading to the wedding will keep both the bride and groom busy, from deciding what to wear to the reception venue, decorations, hiring the photographer and the food that you will serve to your guests.

The variety and kind of cuisine you choose will set the mood of your wedding and reflect your creativity as a couple. Offering scrumptious food is a wonderful chance for your wedding guests to indulge and have a good time. It is essential to look into the quality of the food and how it is presented and served. Look into professional wedding catering services that can provide an eclectic menu at a price that best fits your budget.

For your convenience, we have listed below a few tips on how to choose the best wedding caterer that will guarantee a successful wedding that your guests will remember fondly for years to come.
Spend within your means
Before you consider which wedding caterer to get in touch with, make sure you have a final guest list and specific budget you and your partner are willing to use. Always stay within your means. Based on your reception venue decide on a service style, whether it will be a buffet, a tasting menu, or a sit-down meal. This will affect the rates per person. The wedding caterer should be able to give you options, the perks that come with the catering service and price points that will work best for you. If you are on a limited budget, be honest and explain your limitations so you and your caterer can come up with an innovative menu that will wow your guests and not break the bank.

Ask for a taste test
Before booking or signing a contract with your wedding caterer, do not rely solely on attractive photographs off their menu card. Inquire if the wedding caterer will provide a tasting menu that offers small samples of what can be served at your wedding.  Taste and see if it appeals to your palate. Supporting local caterers, means you are also supporting the use of fresh produce from your community. Ask for a schedule if your caterer is going to be part of a bridal exposition or they plan to host a dinner event for prospective customers. If your wedding caterer is not willing to meet your requests it might be better to move on to the next one.

Check on reviews and referrals
Did you attend a recent wedding or party that served spectacular food? Track down the caterer. Ask your colleagues and friends for a few referrals that will help you contrast and compare before deciding on which wedding caterer to choose. Look into a local catering company near you that offers fresh, good tasting food and value for money. If it is a referral, try and ask for a better deal or discount that will benefit your wedding. Keep an eye out for positive online reviews from past wedding events.

Find out availability
A good caterer can be booked for months or even a year in advance. Once you have settled with your budget and catering style, search for wedding caterers that will best suit your venue and your personal tastes. Offer them the time frame when you plan to push through with your wedding and settle with a date that is amicable for you and the caterer. A deposit is primarily required upfront, so be sure you are happy with the choice of food and service. Backing out at short notice might forfeit your deposit.

Added perks
Be sure to inquire about what comes with the wedding catering service. Will it include dinnerware, tables, chairs? It is advisable to request to view the samples so you will be assured that it will match your standards and venue. Coordinate with your caterer on your theme and colors for the wedding. Request for photographs of the caterer’s past table displays. Also, inquire if your caterer will provide waiters and waitresses for your reception. Depending on the wedding catering style that you choose, it is still important to know the ratio of servers to guests. Ideally, there should be one server for every 10 wedding guests to ensure a smooth flow of meal service.

The package deal
There are times your wedding venue provides a wedding package deal that will include their affiliate caterer. This will leave less room for creativity however you can still try and compromise and negotiate on a menu that will best fit your wedding. This can be a signature cocktail, appetizer. You might even want to change a portion of the menu to a vegetarian option.  It won’t hurt to ask if a discount can be applied if there are some substitutes that you’d like to be made that you are sure won’t cost the company more to alter.

Communication is key
A reputable wedding caterer should be focused on you and your wedding party. The catering company should be adept to listen to your ideas and be willing to compromise or offer a few suggestions that will benefit your reception. The food served at your wedding should be a collaborative effort between you and your caterer. The venue provider and the caterer should also be on the same page, working hand in hand to bring to life your vision of your special day.

In closing, when choosing the perfect caterer for your wedding, ensure that you work within your budget and come up with a menu that best reflects your relationship as a couple. Serving a luscious meal is the ultimate way to celebrate with your guests on one of the most important days of your life.  


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