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How To Find The Right Career For You

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If you are stuck in a job that you dislike, it is probably time for a career change. But with so many different areas of work that you could move into, you might not know which are right for you. Making a big leap in one direction is going to take certainty. How can you be certain you are shooting in the direction of the career that you are most suited to. 

Picking a new career takes soul searching and research. Some people really struggle to work out what they want to do, but there are ways of finding out this valuable information about yourself.  Here are some tips to help you find out which career is the most suitable for you. 

Finding A Career With A Suitable Salary 

We would all love to pretend that money is not important, but, unless you have another source of income besides your career or very low living expenses, then the salary is something that will factor in your decision. It is important to be honest with yourself about this because there is no point in finding a career that you love, getting a job in it, only to disappoint yourself when you have to move on because you can’t afford to make rent for the month. 

It can be useful to look into the average starting salaries of various careers. For instance, knowing what an accounting career salary is may make that an attractive prospect that is worthy of retraining for. 

Understand What You Need From Your Career

Make a list of the things that are important to you in life. What do you believe in? Are you looking for a role that allows you to help other people? Do you want creativity? Autonomy? Or, are you happiest working as part of a team. The more you can say about yourself, your passions, and your interests, the more likely you are to find a fit that is right for you. 

Matching Your Personality To Your Career 

We all have different personalities and some people are better suited to some roles than others. Using the Myers-Briggs personality test, you can find out what types of jobs are suited to you, and which you should absolutely avoid. For example, the entertainer personality type works well around other people but will struggle with repetitive and laborious tasks, whereas the architect personality type thrives on making decisions based on data analysis. 

Visit A Careers Advisor 

Find a career advisor near you. There may even be free services available that will help you to identify the type of job that will be best suited to you, and then put you on the right path to achieving the career you want. 

Getting professional advice can be very beneficial, and you may also be able to get recommendations on how you should present yourself when you are applying to a completely different career, such as how to sell yourself on your transferable skills.

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