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How to Grow a Financial Advisory Business

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The future of business is always uncertain, but today we have a greater understanding of what’s going to happen. While it’s far from ‘locked-in,’ experts predict that in the coming decade and beyond, we’re going to see many industries and careers go through profound changes, due to the rise of automation and AI. Indeed, there are some careers that’ll disappear entirely, and they’re not just the jobs that you would expect. There are a few careers, however, that will likely all be around. Take financial advisors, for instance. People will always need help managing their wealth, and, if anything, this demand will only increase in the future, since globalization and a changing economy will make all things finances trickier to handle. 

So if you’re in — or thinking about becoming involved in — the financial advisory business, then the future is bright. But it’ll be up to you to make that hope a reality. Below, we take a look at a few tried and tested tips that’ll allow you to grow your business.

What Can you Offer? 

In anything as complex as finances, it’s important to find your niche, your area of expertise. When it comes to managing money, people don’t look for a jack of all trades service — they want someone who knows how to handle their specific case. While you might offer a range of services, you’ll want to make your name in one particular field. Which field that is will depend on various factors, including your field of interest. It could be that you excel in retirement planning or at offering advice on what a person should do when they receive a windfall of cash, or even how to manage corporate debt. Over time, you’ll become the go-to company for people looking for that type of service.

Develop Your Marketing

One of the exciting things about being in the financial advisory business is that the sky’s the limit when it comes to how much business can come your way. The aim should be to get to a point where you’re no longer accepting new clients! But of course, before you get there, you’ll need to work on your marketing. After all, if no-one knows that you’re there, then there’s only so far that you’ll be able to go. If you’re finding that new clients aren’t coming your way, then look at using a financial advisor lead generation system. It’ll help to funnel more of the people in your target demographic towards your business.

Soliciting Reviews

Trust is important in all industries, but in financial advisory? There, it’s extra important. After all, your clients are trusting you with the thing that’s probably most important to them after their family and their health. They need to have faith that the person that they’re working with understands what they’re doing. While you can promote your services, it’ll be much more effective if you can also get other people to promote your business, too. Look at soliciting reviews and testimonials from your happy clients, and then showcasing them on your website. Studies have shown that while people can believe what companies tell them, they trust the judgment of a customer almost as much as they would a recommendation from a friend. 

Work With The Best

There may be times when you need to work with other experts, who will provide the supplementary services that you provide. You should hold them to the same standards that you hold yourself. If you don’t, then there’s a chance that they will compromise the reputation that you’ve developed. Work with the best, and you’ll have no such issue. 


You may be on the hunt for new clients, but it’s worth remembering that it’ll be your loyal customers that provide the foundation of your success. If you’re doing a good job, then they’ll be unlikely to look for another financial advisor, but don’t take their support for granted. Always think about how you can improve the experience for your clients. It’s all about ensuring that they feel valued. 

Networking and Confidence

Finally, remember that you’re going to find it difficult to grow your business if you’re not continually networking and marketing your services. There are plenty of opportunities for financial advisors to develop their business, but they’ll need to learn how to open their mouth first. And remember — if you’re not presenting yourself with confidence, then you’ll struggle. This is a faith-based business, and no-one is going to trust someone who looks as if they’re down on their luck. 



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