How to Look Fashionable on Your Next Outdoor Adventure

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The air is a little warmer, and it is time to get out of that blanket fort you made on the couch and outside in the sunshine. Hiking is a great way to get in your daily exercise this spring and summer and get outside and enjoy the world around you. But you don’t have to put on your dad’s painting sweatshirt and oldest joggers to get outdoors. Instead, freshen up your look with some of this year’s fashionable trends to look like you deserve to be on the cover of the next Patagonia magazine.


Mix in some bright colors into your hiking wardrobe so others can spot you on the trail this spring. Always remember to layer up so you are ready for all occasions. Try a lightweight, breathable tank top or shirt on top and opt for shorts or leggings, depending on your location. If you are in a wooded area or somewhere with tall grass, make sure your whole leg is covered with a pant or high socks to be guarded against ticks. You can find some great deals on leggings and tops when you use Adidas coupons, as well as some accessories like a hat to protect your face from those harmful rays or a backpack to carry your water and picnic supplies!


You must always remember to check the weather report before you hit the trail, but always make sure you are prepared regardless, so bring a light and chic waterproof jacket you can put in a backpack or tie around your waist. You may also want to remember to pack another pair of socks because there may be nothing worse than walking around in damp socks all day. Hiking boots are a great option to prevent this from happening but a backup pair of socks won’t hurt. 


Speaking of boots, there are some great options out there to be practical and stylish. Boots are being worn down the runway with slip dresses, so why not make the investment and be adventurous with some stylish boots. Brands such as Timberland, Frye, and Blundstone make boots that are built to last and waterproof as well as boots that can be paired with hiking attire or even jeans or a dress.

Hiking doesn’t have to be bland and neutral if you indulge in some of these trends. Just make sure to go through your checklist before you hit the trail:

  • Check the weather
  • Make sure your outfit is suitable for the length and difficulty of the hike
  • Layers are ideal
  • Sneakers can be worn for short, easy hikes and boots should be worn for more challenging treks
  • Protect yourself from the sun, bugs and scratches with leggings or socks if you are wearing shorts

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