How to Look Stylish with Accessories

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There are some accessories that every man should own. Whether you’re a dedicated follower of fashion or you’re more likely to just throw on whatever’s clean, the best accessories will always finish a look and make you look better. Some fashion trends are best avoided (remember side-cut tank tops?), but there are some options that every man should have close to hand at all times. The best thing about the right accessory is that it can finish a look off so that, no matter the occasion, you always stand out. Your wardrobe defines you, and if you want to give your look an upgrade, here are the accessories that you need to invest in that will keep you look stylish at all times.

The Timelessness of the Watch

Every man should have at least one watch. If you’re relying on your phone to tell the time, you might think that a watch is redundant, but you couldn’t be more wrong. A watch is the single most essential accessory to own, and they look fantastic whether you’re suited up or chilling out. Go for something classic, like the steel-cased Tissot Visodate automatic watch if you want to be able to wear your watch at any time and any event.

The Defining Wallet

Most men give very little thought to their wallet, and often just use whatever they were gifted at Christmas. This is one of the most common fashion blunders to make for men who aren’t paying attention to how they look. Aim for something sleek and stylish, but ensure that practicality is also paid attention to. It’s a good idea to get a wallet with RFID protection too.

Belt Up

A good looking belt is one of those things that everyone needs, but far too many men are stuck with an old, worn belt. If your current belt has seen better days and even has a few homemade holes in it after a few too many nights out, then it’s time to upgrade. Worn belts look appalling, but a durable brown or black leather belt will last you for years if you look after it well. 

Sun Glare

One of the most commonly forgotten accessories for men to pay attention to is what you wear on your face. Sunglasses aren’t always wearable, but when the sun is out, they can be great protection for your eyes while making you look significantly cooler. Remember when buying sunglasses that you’ll need to try them on. Wearing sunglasses that are the wrong shade or shape for your face can be just as bad as not wearing them at all.

Don’t Miss the Messenger

The man-bag has a turbulent history as a men’s fashion accessory, but the rise of the messenger bag has changed the way that men can accessorize. A good messenger bag is more than just practical; it’s classy and elegant too. Whether it’s for work or for more casual occasions, a messenger bag is one of those essentials that every man should take the time to research. Choose a color that matches your usual tones, and you’ll be able to bring your messenger with you wherever you go.

The right accessory can turn even the blandest outfit into a fashion statement. If you’re tired of wearing the same old thing, then it’s time to start looking at your fashion mistakes and investing in what you wear. If style is a way of standing out, then it’s time to start working on making your wardrobe pop.


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