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How to Run a Sustainable Business

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Rebranding your image as a sustainable company will do wonders for your reputation as well as the environment. It’s proven that businesses that are considered as doing more for the planet and climate change are more successful. With a few changes in the workplace and the collaboration of your staff, you can get your business on the way to being as eco-friendly as possible this year. Here is some basic advice for you to get the ball rolling. 

Be more energy-efficient

Try to reduce your consumption of both electricity and gas. Make sure your workplace is well insulated, this will reduce heat loss and therefore you will spend less on heating. The easiest way to do this is by replacing all your windows with double-glazing as these will protect your building from the elements, thus reducing your needs for both heating and air-conditioning. Install carpets and rugs as well to help to insulate the floors.

Replace all interior and exterior lightbulbs with more energy-efficient LEDs as these are much more durable. Enforce a “switch off” policy that all your employees must adhere to. When lights or electronic equipment is not in use, it must be turned off. 

Recycle and reuse

Try to run a nearly paperless office and when you do need to print on paper, used recycled paper that has already been printed on one side if possible. Encourage the use of recycled bottles, kitchenware, and stationery. It’s possible to find all of these items easily online.

Think of other ways to use sustainable materials in the office, by upcycling old furniture for example, and buying second-hand items rather than mass-produced ones. This will improve the image of your company and create a more stylish interior fit for 2020.  

Team Work and Social Media

Get your team involved in some environmentally-themed group projects and post about it on social media. This is great way to make a positive image for your company. Post regular videos on apps like Instagram and even start a blog to show your progress. There are many eco-friendly apps to help you go green so get technology working for you. Many of these help encourage a more sustainable lifestyle so they could be useful in motivating your team. 

Upload all documents to the Cloud

Rather than relying on paper documents and heavy files, upload everything to the cloud to make it accessible in realtime to your clients and staff. This is a much more efficient way to work which will save you both time and energy. The more up-to-date technology you use the more sustainable your business will be. Make sure all your IT services are up to speed. If you need professional assistance, consult an IT support company such as NetWize

Work to become a “B” corp

This is more of a long-term project but if you can get recognition from non-profit organizations for making an exceptional contribution to the environment, through volunteer work, sustainability, or donations you can become a certified “B” corp


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