How Your Body Gets Used To Things That Are Bad For You

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You only need to do a quick YouTube search to find videos that show how incredible the human body is. From the very large systems to the very small, our bodies are extremely complex and yet, very robust. The latter is why we tend to not worry so much about the harmful things we’re doing to ourselves. The body finds a way to cope and we don’t feel much change in our lives until it gets really bad. Whether you’re eating too much, drinking way over the limit or perhaps not getting enough sleep, your body will find a way to power through the challenges. In a way, it saves us a lot of time. It allows us to work an 8-hour shift when we are tired. It allows us to put on weight and still be relatively comfortable. But it’s time you learned why this isn’t forever.

A false sense of comfort

The body is very clever at distributing fat all over our body. It’s just that we don’t feel a lot of pressure until we’re obese because our body stores fat away from the vital organs. In fact, fat storage is done in places where not a lot of activity happens, thus allowing us to move around freely. Take a look at a fat cat or dog, they can hardly walk or roll over. We, on the other hand, have our fat stored on our glutes, hips, legs and stomach before our arms, back and chest. The storage tanks for our fat are well away from the most used parts of our body, namely the vital organs and the arms. However, the heart has to work harder to move the limbs that are weighed down. So you’re putting pressure on your heart and lungs, simply by moving around. Sitting still gives you a false sense of comfort. You will be shocked at your unhealthiness when you need to run for a bus that you find out, you are not very healthy.

Adapting to abuse

The human body is very adept at handling abuse. We tend not to think twice about having an extra drink at the bar or at home on the weekend. But our body manages to lessen the effects of alcohol on our system. Over time we believe we have developed a resistance to the drink. But, we haven’t. It’s just our body, mainly our liver, coping with the increased amount of ethanol. So, eventually, you will drink more and more to feel the same effects as one drink had, once upon a time. Inevitably this will lead to needing help from a place like the Addiction Treatment at Renaissance Recovery Center. You will have access to group therapy discussions where people going through the same challenges as you, talk about their demons. Developing life skills and cognitive abilities will help you gain your composure and life back.

Just because our body helps us to physically cope with the damage we do to it, doesn’t mean it won’t eventually catch up to us. Be more mindful of your amazing body and don’t let it pick up your slack.

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