Latest Sock Trends Of 2020

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Gone are the days when only shoes, bags, and jewelry were the only fashion statements. Nowadays, it will not be wrong to say that custom socks are the new trend. Weird as it may sound, we have socks influencers as well. A few years back, socks were considered as accessories solely used for keeping your feet warm. Now, they are pretty much a huge part of completing your outfit. The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is seen wearing sharp, themed socks at public events. We can say that socks can be used for diplomatic purposes as well.

Let’s talk about the latest trends that we have seen from 2019 to date.

The Same Colored Shoes And Custom Socks

The same colored shoes and socks always go with each other. The traditional white on white also looks classy. You also don’t have to fold your socks till your ankles like before. You can pull them up to their lengths and flaunt them. As we all know, sneakers and socks have always looked good with each other. Therefore, you should not be shy when you are wearing this combination. 

Custom Socks With Heels

The quote that every girl is well familiar with, is “Beauty comes with pain”. This is specifically true for high heels. They are always extremely uncomfortable. But now, when you can wear socks with them, they can be made comfortable too. They look great with high heeled, slingback sandals. There are a number of trendy ways you could style your socks with your heels and look absolutely stunning.

Designer Socks

Designer socks are a major factor in the popularity of the sock trend. They are taking it to the next level. Many of the famous brands have started their sock collections which include bright colors, patterns, denim, furs, and frills. Because of this label and price tag, the rich crowd and the celebrities are digging for these socks. By watching them, the others are also looking for these fancy socks without the sturdy price tag.

The Influence Of Nike And Adidas

Because of the sock collections by Nike and Adidas, the concept of men only wearing dull colored socks is now gone. They have launched colorful socks for both sexes which are revolutionary. They have a powerful collection for athletes as well. The colors and patterns in men’s socks have given expression to men’s clothing and men are loving it. As it turns out, men look for more compelling fashion trends than women who look at price tags first.

Custom Printed Socks With Slides

Customized Socks are also being worn profusely with slides. The major influencer of this style is Adidas. Many bloggers and influencers embraced this style and soon enough, everybody else followed suit. Now, this style is seen commonly on the streets. It is becoming a casual vogue increasingly day by day. 

Customized Socks

One unique and modern sock trend is the trend of customized socks. People love personalized items and customized socks add a great personal touch to your apparel. They can be great Christmas gifts as well. 

Whichever style you embrace, you should be able to carry it properly. The socks that you wear should go with your outfit even if the socks themselves, are mismatched. This is because thousands of people post trends online but only a few get popularity.


Tiffany Brenning is a beautician and a freelance beauty writer with a degree from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, California. She started as a make-up artist in college and soon begun to see that there are diverse ways of making a living in the beauty/fashion industry. That is why she is also a Content Editor for Beauty Essential, a site for the beauty aficionados. You will find there numerous tips & tricks to help you look pretty in an as-natural-as-possible way.

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