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Learn, Grow, Repeat! How To Develop The Mindset To Improve As An Entrepreneur

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On the surface, it is pretty straightforward. To be an effective entrepreneur you’ve got to learn to develop. But whether you are running a business all by yourself or you have help on board, the most important thing to improve and develop is all about mindset. Once you start to strip away the layers of a business and get rid of targets and numbers the entrepreneurial mindset can be the most crucial ingredient of any company. Why is this important? It’s what you need to keep yourself pushing forward. Once you start getting into the daily act of running a business, things can go on autopilot. So what can you do to ensure that you are embracing a mindset of development?

Approaching Issues From All Angles

Lateral thinking is a crucial component of the entrepreneurial mindset. While we are all aware of the maximum touted by Apple: “Think Differently,” this is crucial. The best entrepreneurs aren’t afraid of making mistakes. But in order to get to that point, you have to challenge yourself, as well as see things from different angles. There are so many different things that you can do to help you along. In terms of developing the business, it’s always a good idea to see things from the perspective of another organization. And when there are companies that can help you to realize a different aspect of your vision, or even provide resources, it’s a lot of bang for your buck! If for example, you are looking to improve your Research and Development (R&D), companies like Tri-Merit can help with tax credits for the purposes of R&D. It doesn’t even have to be from a professional standpoint, you can challenge yourself every day to approach things differently. It’s not about shaking up each process every week but doing something differently from your perspective can change your neuroplasticity. For example, brushing your teeth with the opposite hand works different parts of your brain! And it’s starting from these small places that can provide massive changes.

Never Let The Ground Beneath You Stay Still

As an entrepreneur, you will face new challenges every single day. But a lot of people still believe that they shouldn’t make mistakes. But part of being an entrepreneur is about embracing new challenges. It’s not just about the challenges that you face every day, but you’ve got to find new opportunities. It is something that we’ve got to reconcile within ourselves. If we like comfort we won’t ever embrace new and different experiences. The more you put yourself in scary or challenging situations you will arm yourself with the skills to handle them but when you achieve a new solution to a problem it also does wonders for your confidence. As an entrepreneur, we need to keep looking for new things, not just in business, but in life. But this means that we may have to get rid of the preconceived notion that mistakes are “bad”. We have to remember that once we get into the approach of trial and error, we will make mistakes but we will also uncover happy accidents. But with any lesson, whether it’s good or bad, we will get value from it.

Focus On Your Self-development

Part of being an entrepreneur is walking the walk but it’s also about talking the talk. It’s not just about being able to reel off a bunch of facts and figures but it’s about getting into the mindset of entrepreneurs by looking at what other people have done before you. The great entrepreneurs are never content with sitting still. Ultimately, if you are driving to create something new you may also want to create new skills within yourself. Looking to improve yourself in some way is vital. But you have to remember that in order to improve the business you’ve also got to improve yourself. You can look at the people you admire as a starting point but also look beyond the business parameters. You don’t necessarily have to read the Art of War by Sun Tzu to know about battles. It’s one of those books that can be applied to any sort of conflict. Once you start to think beyond the preconceived notions of business you can develop yourself and create new solutions.

Look At Your Vision

Commitment to your vision is what will drive you and the company. You had an idea many moons ago and your role is to see it through. In order to commit to this vision you’ve got to revisit it regularly. But the big obstacle is that the daily grind can get in the way. Because there are so many things that need doing during the course of a business day, it can result in your vision slowly diminishing over time. As a result, doubt can creep in. It’s crucial for you to take the opportunity on a regular basis to look at the vision and see if it is still being implemented. Because when we find ourselves bound by numerous tasks we can start to lose sight of the bigger picture. Taking a few minutes out of the day to realize why you are doing this can help you to work harder. And once you get into the habit of doing this, it becomes a little moment of joy during a stressful day.

The mindset of an entrepreneur is many things. It’s about the vision of the business but it’s also about taking a long look in the mirror to see where you can improve. The best entrepreneurs aren’t boxed in by preconceived notions. They are people who will forever look for new approaches. This is what makes running a business so exciting. Once you begin to fall into a routine and get frustrated by parts of your business you could start to lose faith. But this is why you need to remember that developing yourself should form part of your makeup. If you don’t get into the habit of improving yourself or learning where the business can develop it could be a very long way to the bottom. 


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