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Marijuana Guide While Traveling Los Angeles

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Marijuana lovers have more than enough ways to enjoy marijuana while visiting Los Angeles. LA is the biggest city in California, and there are a handful of fun activities to indulge in, and yes they are marijuana-friendly. Whether you are touring the city for a vacation or work, you can still enjoy marijuana. And the good thing is that you can do it differently every day. So, below are some of the ways you can delight in marijuana while visiting Los Angeles

420 Airport Pickup

What would be better than indulging in cannabis the moment you land from the plane in LA? You will find a couple of 420 airport pickups, all you need to do is book! The good thing about 420 airport pickups is that they include a list of things to do during the tour. 

Getting from the airport to your destination can hectic because of the heavy traffic in the city, but booking a good 420 airport pickup service can help make the transfer to your hotel enjoyable. An additional tip is booking a marijuana-friendly hotel so that you can always get high whenever you are indoors and feel like it. 

Wine and Weed Tours

There are a number of wine and weed tours to consider in LA. They are one of the fun ways to enjoy weed and wine together. You get to visit different cannabis farms, vineyards, and even learn similarities between how grapes and marijuana are grown. If you prefer a cozier kind of tour, there are wine and weed lounge tour. 

Such tours include sightseeing, and depending on the tour you choose, you might be able to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood sign, the famous Beverly Hills, Celebrity homes, and more! Also, be prepared to sample wine and weed all the way! 

Dispensary and Sightseeing Tour

You can also opt for a dispensary and sightseeing tour. Just like most wine and lounge tours, this is all about touring interesting parts of LA while smoking your favorite cannabis flower, except that there is no wine. And don’t worry if you run out of weed, there are stopovers at different dispensaries so you can always add more if need be. And this includes any marijuana products you can think of, from vapes to flowers, pre-rolls, gummies, and brownies, etc. 

If you are an extrovert and love interacting with people, then a dispensary and sightseeing tour would be great because you mingle with other cannabis lovers on board. Even better, you can share joints and get high together. The more the merrier right? You can make new friends that you can always meet up whenever you visit LA. 

Marijuana Bars

Maybe you prefer chilling at one spot after a long day of activities, or you just like being around other people while getting high on your favorite bud. Marijuana bars are a perfect spot for you. The best part is that you will find a lot of them in LA, and most of them are often close to a dispensary. So it is easy to access cannabis products whenever you run out. Optionally, some dispensaries have a lounging area where you can relax and enjoy your cannabis. 

Bottom Line

Even when visiting LA for the first time, the multiple fun ways you can enjoy your marijuana will make you consider visiting the city more often. You don’t have to smoke from your hotel room(only if it is marijuana-friendly) while there are better options to get high while having fun. You can opt for a different activity every day to make your experience worthwhile!

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