s Your Colleague Getting On Your Nerves? Build Healthier Work Relationships In 3 Steps!

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Being passionate about your job does not link directly to loving your coworkers or teammates. You might think that this is irrelevant as far as you get paid for your hours, and there is a promotion or raise in sight. Yet, the workplace is a second home for most professionals and influences many aspects of life, including job satisfaction and personal wellbeing

Undoubtedly, finding a friend among your coworkers can make your shifts much more enjoyable and even exciting. Yet, the benefits of getting along with colleagues go beyond that, also affecting our outlook on life and career

But what do you do when you just can’t get on with anybody in your office? Here is something for you to note down!

Play as a team

The competition, tight shifts, long hours, and promotions in the cards might make us forget that it is all about playing as a team. You might have had the ground-breaking idea but, without the designer, programmer, or IT guy in your team, you might never be able to see it coming to life. On the other hand, if you tend to isolate, your teammates might never know how talented you are. 

If your focus is to reach a lifetime’s career goal, you should know that the lack of alignment within a team is one of the leading causes of a project’s failure. Ultimately, working harmoniously with the people around you genuinely makes a difference in your job progression trajectory.

More professionals every day switch to a remote or online job. In this case, staying connected and working as a team can be even more challenging. Cloud services, online collaboration strategies, and networking solutions such as the one you can find here can help you move your international team forward.

Personal or professional?

The line that marks the difference between a professional and personal relationship can be thin, especially if you have been in the same company for years. You might find yourself being very formal at work with the same guy you had a drink with last night. Finding the perfect balance is hard, and can become trickier the more time you spend in your workplace. Mainly if you are a manager, preferring a specific person over others and making these feelings visible might not play too well with your other teammates. 

Pick on talent, not mistakes

When something goes wrong, it is easy to find a culprit. On the other hand, if you just figured out a solution after three-months of hard work, you might jump on the opportunity of taking the merit. However, neither of these two attitudes are beneficial for the wellbeing of your team – or yours. Instead, focus on celebrating achievements together, regardless of whether that is a bottle of champagne or a virtual “high-five”!

Bottom Line

Your relationship with your teammates can have not only an impact on your satisfaction and motivation but also affect your career progression. Even though we might tend to blame others for our weak work interactions, the responsibility of crafting healthier relationships is really in our hands!



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