Six Ways To Unwind Enough To Sleep

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Sleep is a precious commodity in a life so busy and if you’re not getting enough sleep, you are missing out. Trying to rest your head every night when life is packed and busy is not easy but the best thing that you can do is to get a good bedtime routine in place to make your wind-down an easy thing to do every night. 

With our tips below, you will be able to sink into your pillows and blankets and enjoy feeling rested and happy every single day. Let’s dive into six tips to help you to unwind enough to sleep. 

  • It’s Time To Unplug

Screen time is getting in the way of your sleep, but you’re not doing enough to stay away from your screens. It’s hard, isn’t it? You want to lay in the comfort of your bed nest and scroll through your phone without anyone to tell you not to, but the technology is going to be a big problem for you! People put a television in their bedroom to watch movies, but you now spend more time laying in bed staring at the screen than you do sleeping! It’s not going to help you to stare at a screen when you should be asleep, and if you’re trying to wind down it’s going to start with leaving your phone away from the bed and turning off the TV. Addiction to the screen isn’t your fault: it’s the technology that is designed to keep you staring at the screen in the first place.

  • A Safe Space

When you go to bed, what are you sleeping on? You’re going to have a far better time sleeping on a pillow-topped mattress with a ton of blankets and sheets than you are on a hard mat on the floor. You need a space to sleep in that makes you feel relaxed just looking at it. Splash out on the good bed sheets and add a scented candle for lavender to burn gently. Add lamps to the bedside so that it’s not too bright, and make sure that you can sink into the sheets comfortably and sleep well.

  • The Tipping Point.

Some people need something to help them to relax enough to sleep. The mind can race in a world where life moves incredibly fast. Whether you are thinking about hemp oil vs CBD, or you want to start taking Melatonin on the advice of your doctor, you need to figure out what it is that will be your tipping point. Your sleep is so important, and once you work out what will make you fall asleep quickly, you’re going to have an easier time of it.

  • The Right Temperature

If you want your body to relax enough to sleep, you cannot be overheated. You also cannot lay in bed shivering and cold. The room should be warm but not too warm, and you should be able to sleep under your cover without overheating, too. If you need a breeze, crack the window and add a blanket, too.

  • Clothing?

Pyjamas are a staple of bedtime. The right nightwear is a must – unless you’re a naked sleeper! No one will convince you otherwise if you prefer to sleep in the nude, but otherwise, go for pyjamas or shorts that are 100% cotton. Your sheets should be the same for ultimate comfort, so if you’re overheated in the night, you should check the cotton content of your clothes first.

  • Relaxing Routines

Before you go to bed, you brush your teeth and wash your face. You need to set up a skincare routine that is calming, which means using lavender-laced products where possible. Wiping the day away doesn’t need to take much of your time, but it’s going to relax you – a lot. Take the time to look after your skin before you sleep, and you’ll feel so much more calm and ready to sleep when you do climb into bed. 

  • Mind Games

Routines help your mind to unwind. It gets to know the steps of your routine, which make it so much easier to form those good bedtime habits. Take the time to set that routine, and you’ll never regret it. Always be flexible with the routines – you don’t need a rigid time schedule. However, you should keep the basics the same. Keep the television in the lounge and don’t lie in bed staring at YouTube till 3am. 

Your bedtime routines should be set for relaxation. What do you do to help you relax?


Tiffany Brenning is a beautician and a freelance beauty writer with a degree from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, California. She started as a make-up artist in college and soon begun to see that there are diverse ways of making a living in the beauty/fashion industry. That is why she is also a Content Editor for Beauty Essential, a site for the beauty aficionados. You will find there numerous tips & tricks to help you look pretty in an as-natural-as-possible way.

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