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The Best Bedroom Accessories to Help You Sleep Better

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What’s one of the simplest and yet most effective ways to improve your quality of life? Health experts always point to a good night’s sleep. After all, restful sleep strengthens the body and readies it for the next day. The major benefits of getting a good’s night sleep are a stronger immune system, clearer skin, and a healthier appetite, among others. Beyond physical benefits, sleep can also improve your mood and disposition. If you’ve had a refreshing sleep, you’ll wake up feeling calm and relaxed, and as such, your decision-making skills and your interactions with people will be all the better for it.   

An important aspect of achieving full, healthy sleep is establishing good sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene is the umbrella term for the practices you need to observe and maintain in order to get your body ready for sleep time. One of these key practices is preparing a space for restful and relaxing pre-sleep activities. Indeed, what’s in your bedroom counts for a lot in getting you some well-deserved shut-eye. 

What bedroom accessories will help you ease your body into rest mode? The following five items are just some of the must-haves you should get so you can snag a good night’s sleep every night. Make sure these accessories are part of your end-of-day routine!

A Good Set of Sleepwear

The first thing you should have prepared for bedtime is a good set of men’s or women’s sleepwear. These pajamas should be made of soft, stretchy, and comfortable material that feels good on the skin. They should also be right for the season and for the weather outside. A set with short sleeves and short pants is perfect for summer, for example, while a full-sleeve and full-leg set should be worn during the colder months. You can get a plain set, a patterned set, or even a cutesy set with prints of your favorite animals or cartoon characters. In short, you should cue your body out of work mode and into the afterhours.  

Make it a regular practice to shed your ordinary clothes and change into pajamas once it’s bedtime. Try not to fall asleep on your bed wearing a dress or denims. If that’s the case, your sleep might be patchy and you won’t wake up with your body feeling rested or at ease. 

Blankets, Sheets, and Pillows

Just as important as sleepwear are the things that furnish your bed: your blankets, sheets, and pillows. Like your clothes, these should keep you warm and cozy. They should also support the sleeping positions you find most comfortable. 

The most restful bedroom setup involves clean, fresh-smelling blankets and linens. It’s good practice to wash your pillowcases and sheets at least weekly. Blankets and comforters should be washed at least once per season, while pillows are best laundered twice or thrice a year. Relax your senses even further and try spritzing your bed with a sheet spray scented with lavender, orange, or other soothing aroma. 


Light plays a big role in cueing your body to rest or to wake up. Darkness signals to the body that it’s time to sleep, while light signals that it’s time for activity. Thus, it’s important for the various light sources in your bedroom to be adjustable. You can use the lighting in the room to gradually ease you into a calm, and then ultimately sleepy state. 

About an hour before bed, you can switch your room’s lights off and turn on your lamp. Use the lamp’s light for any relaxing pre-bedtime activities, like reading a book. When it’s time to sleep in earnest, all lights should be off—and that includes the blue light from your mobile phone or tablet! 


People often think that curtains should only be a priority for living rooms. But they matter just as much to personal bedrooms. They afford each occupant a degree of privacy and security, which is important to have in the nighttime. They also help control the flow of natural light into a space. 

For a truly snooze-conducive bedroom, invest in a good set of curtains. They should fit your room’s windows so that no unwanted pocket of light streams in. Your curtains should also be easy to position and adjust so that you can determine just how much sunlight wakes you up in the morning. Choose a color that fits the overall décor scheme of your room—that will make it all the more pleasant to rest in.  

Anything That Adds a Personal Touch

Lastly, what will help you wind down at the end of the day is the sense that you’re retiring to your own space. You should populate your bedroom with stuff that you yourself find enjoyable, whether it’s your favorite books, ornaments, or houseplants. Everyone has their own ways of winding down at the end of the day, so make your room conducive to your own preferences.

In summary, you should furnish your bedroom properly so that you can truly rest in it. Make this space one in which it is easy to maintain good sleep hygiene while following healthy and  sustainable sleeping habits. If your bedroom is all prepped up to be a sacred, restful space, the effect will come through immediately when it’s time to sleep!


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