These are the Most Popular Birthstones in Every State

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Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but other gems are finding their way into the hearts of jewelry lovers too. The connection certain gems bring to their wearers are largely because of their relationship to the birth months. Shane Co. recently conducted a study where they mapped out the most common birthstone by state, along with which are the most to least expensive. 

The results found revealed that peridot, August’s birthstone, is the most common in the United States, but one of the least expensive. Peridot is most common in a total of 40 states, including New York and California, making this dazzling yellow gem an undeniable winner. Fortunately, for many of the U.S inhabitants in those 40 states, the purchase of a Peridot gemstone is usually an affordable transaction. Prices for this gem stay within a range of $195, allowing jewelry lovers and those alike to make a reasonable purchase, while still feeling a personal connection to their gem. 

The second most common birthstone is emerald, the gem reserved for those born in May. Emerald appears as the most common birthstone in five states and is known for its illustrious green properties. Not as fortunate as peridot, emerald carries a higher price tag for the May-borns who wish to obtain their birthstone. Emerald is currently valued at around $807.  

As much as we can sensationalize and parade over the feeling of buying an affordable, genuine gemstone, we are continually reminded of the varying prices many of them possess, beyond just emerald. Some gems may cost several thousands of dollars. In fact, states Nebraska, Vermont, and Washington have the highest cost for their birthstone with ruby (July’s gem) costing around $3000 per carat. Did I just hear “family heirloom, please?” Despite the expensive price tag ruby inherently holds, it is still highly sought after in the jewelry world. The second most expensive birthstone in the nation belongs to the sapphire gem, the birthstone of those born in September. Not as expensive as ruby, sapphire is currently valued at around $1750. Although its price is lower than ruby, sapphire still requires a fair amount of investment to finally be an envied owner of this gem.

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