Three Steps Towards Greater Peace Of Mind

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There’s no denying that we live extremely hectic lives. Always connected digitally, dealing with pressures from work, home, friendships and family life. Sometimes peace of mind seems extremely hard to reach. We are facing chronic epidemics of sleeplessness, anxiety and stress, even as standards of living are rising. So what is the key to dealing with all of these negative feelings? The answer lies in managing your mind. Learning a few simple techniques to stem panic and become more mindful can be absolutely transformative, and although it takes a little practice, it’s not hard to get started. If you feel that you’re lacking some inner peace, try some of these tips out today and you could be facing next week in an altogether better state of mind.

Set Your Boundaries

The way that technology has become symbiotic with our daily lives has had one unexpected side effect – erasing our boundaries. There no longer seems to be any hard line between work life and home, social situations and quiet time. Being constantly connected can be absolutely exhausting, as it creates all kinds of pressures and expectations. Counteract this by choosing to set your own boundaries. It could be picking a time where you switch off all email and social media notifications. It could be downloading an app that blocks your internet usage between certain times of time. Or it could be putting your phone away in a drawer to charge overnight. Simple things like this give us a chance to unwind and escape for a bit, and we take back control of our lives which is incredibly empowering.

Find Your Solace

Finding an activity that makes you feel settled and that you can return to in times of stress, is absolutely key to mental wellbeing. For some people, they find that a repetitive exercise, like crochet or adult colouring books, can help to take their mind off their worries as they become absorbed in a happy state of flow. For others, exercise is crucial to give an outlet for negative emotions. You might find solace in things like joining local support groups or knowing that a spiritual reading could help you understand a situation more clearly. Whatever it is that makes you feel better able to cope, make sure that you schedule it in on a regular basis.

Learn Some Relaxation Techniques

Another powerful tool is using visualization to help you control your thoughts and relax your mind. It’s a technique successfully used by business leaders and Olympic athletes, so becoming better at it can be a revelation. Learning some controlled breathing techniques can calm your nervous system and help you to manage your fears, while using a mindfulness app is something that a lot of people also find incredibly helpful. Once you are able to recognize a negative thought, and gradually replace it with something constructive, you’ll find that you can achieve so much more. It’s something which gets better with practice, but you can work on it – and the benefits can be huge.


Marc Wilson is the Guest Lifestyle Editor of Social Life Magazine, a 2013 Big Apple Award nominee and the Founder and Creative Director of MWD Lifestyles (formerly Marc Wilson Design) and Weddings by MWD Lifestyles. Marc’s company is a full scale wedding, event design, production and planning company with destination partnerships and capabilities and has grown to be the name in the decor and events, weddings and destination industry it is today. Marc’s fifteen years within the events industry has resulted in national and international recognition and, to date, MWD Lifestyles has worked with Rolex, Hugo Boss, Martha Stewart Weddings and MGM Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Marc’s work has been published in Grace Ormond Wedding Style, Design Bureau, New York Weddings, Manhattan, Essence, Weddings by Design, The Knot, Brides and Town&Country. Instagram@mwdlifestyles

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