Why You Should Be Printing Your Photos

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Photos are memories that are captured and that last (hopefully) forever. There are some photos you might love and others that you never want anyone else to see the light of day off. However, most of our photographs in this modern-day and for generations growing up on social media are online, and there are no actual physical copies available. Here’s why you should be printing your photos, even if it’s just a selection of your favorites.

Social Media Platforms Could Delete Your Account

It’s very unlikely that this should ever happen, but more impossible things have happened in this world and to society. Social media platforms are the places we share all of our snaps and photographs, and they remain on the platform, not usually going anywhere else. And as much as you’d probably not look at many of them again for a long time if ever, there’s every chance that a social media platform or website could go down or be hacked and have its contents deleted. Social media platforms also have the power to suspend, block or delete your accounts if you do something that goes against the rules and regulations of that particular platform. To think that some of your most special photos could get wiped from existence is terrifying.

It’s Nice To Have Physical Images

There’s something about a physical product that will always still be needed even if it has a digital version of itself. That’s the same with magazines, books and photographs. Physical photos are nice to keep in a frame or to hand around and to show your family or friends whenever they’re around. It doesn’t have the same effect when you’re looking at it from your phone or electronic device, and the quality of the photo might not be as good. It’s worth having physical photos or at least a few of them that you really enjoy to document them for your future relatives who might look back on them. You can find a review of the best laser printer for cardstock at, so you can do this at home.

Paper Doesn’t Die

Technology is great to rely on, but when it stops working, or it dies, then it can mean you’re left with no alternative. Paper doesn’t die, although it can age and you want to be careful around it when it comes to being near fires or young children that like to grab onto things and shred them apart. It’s a nice back-up to have, just in case you’re in a situation where technology decides to give you the finger and stops working for a while, you know?

Photographs Make For Good Decor

And finally, photographs are nice for decor in your home, as well as giving it some personality. Framed or canvas prints can help give your home that personal touch and can be something you look at often with fondness.

Printing your photos is something you might want to try and do more of, so make it happen and invest into your history.


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