5 Powerful Ways to Become Your Best Self

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It’s easy to fall into a slump and lose motivation and self-worth, especially during stressful times. But the good news is, it’s possible to turn these feelings around and come back to the best self you know you can be. There’s no time like the present to improve yourself, inside and out.

Here are five powerful ways to push things to the next level and become your best self.

1. Stop making excuses.

It’s easy to put things off that you know will make you happy. “I’ll plan that trip when I’m not so busy.” “I’ll start writing my novel as soon as this project at work is over.” But excuses only put off your dreams even more.


To become your best self, take the plunge, now. There will never be a perfect time to start reaching for a new goal, so make it happen today. Make time for the things you are really passionate about, even if it means sacrificing something else.

The first step is to stop making excuses because there will always be excuses.

2. Replace bad habits with good ones.

Shedding bad habits is one of the biggest challenges of life. Whether it’s stress eating, smoking, or procrastinating, letting go of this side of yourself will help push you forward. The key is to replace each of these habits with a good habit. Replace an action with an action, and your brain will be retrained. Do the hardest task first instead of procrastinating. Create realistic short-term and long-term goals for yourself.

When you can fully let go of bad habits and replace them with positives, you’ll be on your way to a better self.

3. Get better at saving money.

A major problem for many people is money. You want more of it and have trouble not spending it. It’s hard to balance income and expenses.

Get better at saving. Go for the cheaper drink during happy hour, eat at restaurants less, and only buy the things you really need for a while. Use an online RX pharmacy like USA Rx to save on prescriptions. Open a savings account that accrues interest.

Take up a side gig that will solely fund your savings account. Or automatically take out a certain amount from each paycheck to put into savings that you don’t even see. These strategies will help you start saving more money.

4. Find calm each day.

The world is stressful. Depending on your work and home life, you may experience significant stress on a daily basis. It’s more important than ever to find calm within it all. Doing so will help your mental and physical health.

Take a moment each morning or evening to read a book, meditate, do yoga, or listen to music. Start a gratitude journal and keep a record of all the things you’re thankful for.


Whatever it is, find something you enjoy that calms you, and do it every single day.

5. Get involved in an organization.

When all you do is go to work and come home, you’re missing out on opportunities for inner enrichment. Get involved in an organization you’re passionate about. Volunteer for a local nonprofit or rejoin the church. Start or join a group of like-minded individuals, like a book club, writing group, or support group.

Getting involved with other people helps you stay connected to others who share your interests. And, you’ll be able to educate yourself and enhance your everyday life with new perspectives and experiences.

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