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5 Random Clothing & Accessory Items Every Woman Needs to Own

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Girls love shopping. This is a universal fact. Shopping is not a pastime for women, but a duty that has to be carried out often. Now for those girls that keep purchasing the same accessories and clothes, we have created a list below some random clothing and accessory items every woman needs to own. If you’re a girl whose a consummate shopper, then take a good read of this article and see what items you don’t have and add those to your closet now.

Casual Sneakers

Every girl needs a nice pair of casual sneakers;, especially in white. You don’t have to be a sports girl to own a pair; a clean, crisp pair can also work well with a dress. This is especially important for those girls who walk to school and work – you can’t possibly do this with a pair of heels now, can you? If you plan on going hiking or trekking, then your sneakers will surely come in hand. 

Thin Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are so popular. They look amazing on practically every single woman. You can choose from either a pair of thin gold hope earrings or a silver pair. Hoop earrings look great with anything from jeans to t-shirt to a dress. Plus, they accentuate your beauty by making your face stand out. Moreover, they look great with any hairstyle you choose to don. There are also various styles of hoops too, like thick ones and beaded ones, but nothing beats the classic thin hoop earrings. 

Fishnet Leggings

We all tend to associate fishnet leggings or practically anything that has to do with fishnets to be very provocative. But, believe it or not, that’s not the case. You can wear fishnet leggings with a pair of jeans, a skirt or even a dress and you can be sure to turn heads with such a look. Nevertheless, there are also fishnet shirts and socks in the market that you can opt for, even skirts! 

Fancy Clutch

Imagine going to an elaborate or formal party and carrying a tote bag or a roomy bag? Doesn’t look pretty now, does it? For such occasion, be sure you have at least one or two fancy tote bags that can easily go with any outfit you don to a wedding or an elaborate party. Be sure that your clutch is small and easy enough to carry in one hand. Remember that such a bag will only be good at carrying your necessities. 

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a classic. They give you an edgy, cool, and confident appeal. If you are looking to achieve a refined style, then the leather jacket is perfect to have in your closet. In case you didn’t know, leather jackets are form-fitting, and therefore they hug your body to give that ‘fitting’ you seek to make your body stand out. Probably the best part of a leather jacket is that it doesn’t attract lint, dust, and any other form of debris. 


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