5 Reasons Australia is the Best Place for Recreation and Regeneration

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Have you heard of the Australian way of life? Surely, you already have some presumptions regarding their laid-back mentality, easy-living, closeness to nature, friendliness and overall openness to different cultures. Let’s look into different factors that actually contribute to this.

If you’re like every other stressed, overworked individual out there trying to balance out your well-being with pressure and societal demands, you too will understand how Australia can be regarded as an ideal place to make one’s escape and regain overall wellness.

1. Summer Climate All Year Round

No wonder Australians are known for their laid-back attitude. If you had summer all year round, you too wouldn’t be in a hurry. You could just take time to enjoy the luxuries of life, relax by the beach or have a barbecue in your backyard with friends and family.

This is true when it comes to some regions such as the Perth region, southern Queensland or the Brisbane side. However, winter can be harsh in Melbourne and the rainy season tricky in the North.

2. Efficient Healthcare System

Did you know that Australia has a universal healthcare insurance system called MEDICARE which allows for free treatment plans? This is a hybrid public-private health system that most taxpayers help fund by paying a levy of 2% of their taxable income. Most Australians are eligible for this, however, it requires two years of life in Australia first.

There is an alternative to health insurance for those that don’t plan on becoming tax-paying citizens, of course. There are easy, fast, and efficient travel insurance solutions to make it easier for you to relax and enjoy the trip.

Here are some tips on how to enjoy your time in Australia

3. Beaches From Paradise

With more than 10 000 beaches, Australia is heaven for both lovers of sport or relaxation and meditation. Whether you’re looking for quiet and calm, or extreme sports for youth, this is a place to be. And all of this is available to you all throughout the year. More than 85% of Australians live within 50km near the coast, which makes the beaches an epicenter of the Australian lifestyle. 

This does not mean there aren’t other natural wonders to explore, but having more beaches than any other country in the world surely molds one’s way of life.

4. Numerous Wellness Centers and Spas

Did you know that the Global Wellness Institute ranks Australia among the top five wellness tourism markets in Asia-Pacific? Australia is becoming more and more popular as a place for recreation and regeneration, with more Australians being specialized in alternative and holistic treatments.

Due to the plentitude of natural wonders, hot springs, pristine beaches, and lush and unspoiled flora, Australia turned to wellness tourism, investing in spa centers, yoga retreats, and other wellness centers. This encourages individuals around the world to pursue an alternative to hectic everyday life in Australia.

5. Study and Job Opportunities

Do you dream of moving to Australia to work? Immigration valves have been open in Australia for a long time. A country that has welcomed foreigners since creation, its mixed population is one of the greatest assets. 

Of course, this openness and inclusivity are due to low population density and low unemployment rates. This is great news for people looking for job opportunities, as Australia supposedly landed almost 1 million new jobs in a recent five-year span. 

Student visas are also one of the best ways to stay in Australia for a longer period of time, as Australia offers impressive opportunities for international students. Although this may not be directly related to wellness, having a steady income and a life plan is the basis for everything else.

Many have dreamed of going to an exotic place and never coming back, and all of this said, Australia seems to be a dream come true. The dream of balance between life and work, between leisure and good life standard. This beautiful, spacious country is full of opportunities and open to all.


Marc Wilson is the Guest Lifestyle Editor of Social Life Magazine, a 2013 Big Apple Award nominee and the Founder and Creative Director of MWD Lifestyles (formerly Marc Wilson Design) and Weddings by MWD Lifestyles. Marc’s company is a full scale wedding, event design, production and planning company with destination partnerships and capabilities and has grown to be the name in the decor and events, weddings and destination industry it is today. Marc’s fifteen years within the events industry has resulted in national and international recognition and, to date, MWD Lifestyles has worked with Rolex, Hugo Boss, Martha Stewart Weddings and MGM Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Marc’s work has been published in Grace Ormond Wedding Style, Design Bureau, New York Weddings, Manhattan, Essence, Weddings by Design, The Knot, Brides and Town&Country. Instagram@mwdlifestyles

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