5 Self-Care Tips To Use During The Lockdown

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Although it’s essential to maintain your mental and physical wellbeing in normal life, it’s even more important during the lockdown. Why? Because this new normal that everyone is experiencing will undeniably take a toll on you.

From being apart from your loved ones to being limited as to where you can go, you need to know the best ways to care for your wellbeing so that it’s in the best shape possible. But if you’re not sure of the best steps to take towards this, it might seem daunting. 

To ensure that you’re on the right path, here are 5 self-care tips that you can use throughout the lockdown:

Get Outside 

Although you might be nervous to go outside and you’re limited in the sense of perhaps where you can go, it’s vital that you try and get outside when you can – even if it’s just for a walk around your neighborhood once a day (just make sure that you’re keeping your distance from passersby when you do). 

By leaving your house and breathing in the fresh air, it will help to relieve any stress that you’re feeling and allow you to wake up the following day with a better outlook.  Surround yourself with people who are positive thinkers or the best life coaches you can find.

Rethink Your Environment 

As you’re spending more time inside, you need to make your environment as calming as possible. To do this, try and remove anything that has a negative impact, put down your digital device (this will only adversely affect your mood as the majority of the news is COVID-19 related) and spend some time disconnecting from the outside world.

Embrace Creativity 

One of the best ways to practice self-care is by spending some time doing an activity that you love or trying something new. For example, if you love art, then it could be the perfect time to complete a paint-by-numbers kit or soothe the anxiety that you’ve been feeling by watching nostalgic episodes of Bob Ross.

By embracing creativity, no matter what form it’s in, it will take your mind away from what’s happening and will give you time to reset.

Show Yourself Some TLC 

Another method that you could use is to simply pamper yourself. A way of ensuring that your mental and physical wellbeing is getting the treatment it deserves, it’s essential throughout this time. 

As well as pampering, this could involve trying a soothing exercise such as meditation or yoga and ensuring that you’re stopping taking any medications that are affecting your health (certain drug prescriptions include damaging side effects). Just make sure that you ask your doctor for professional advice surrounding the latter, however.

Keep Moving 

Following on from the first point, it’s vital that you keep moving throughout the pandemic – and that you’re not tempted to lie on the couch all day. By getting up and moving, whether it’s doing a virtual aerobics class or going out for a run, your physical and mental health will be boosted – something that everyone can benefit from.

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