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6 Reasons to Consider Getting Stone Floors in Your Home

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Stone floor are a potential beautiful addition to your home. Here are 6 reasons that you should consider getting stone floors fitted at your property.

Marble, slate, travertine, granite, limestone…the choices for stone floors are seemingly endless. The use of stone for architecture dates back to the time of ancient Greece and has maintained its popularity ever since.

Are you thinking about starting a home facelift and adding stone floors, but unsure if it’s the right choice for you?

Keep reading to find out 6 reasons why you should consider stone floors for your home.

Reasons to Consider Stone Floors


Stone floors are incredibly hardy and durable. Most stone flooring options fall between a 3-4 on the Mohs’ scale of hardness, which determines a stone’s susceptibility to scratches and damage. A score of 3-4 shows a strength that can withstand heavy foot traffic.

Stone restoration services are available for any scuff touch-ups or for changing a floor’s finish to suit your style.


If you’re looking to increase your home’s resale value, then stone floors are a solid choice. Buyers are willing to pay more for quality upgrades in a home and it doesn’t get more high quality than granite or marble flooring. Upgrading your flooring to natural stone will help to set your property apart from competing homes on the market.


When choosing a flooring option for allergy sufferers, it doesn’t get better than stone. Stone flooring’s non-porous surface makes it a great choice because of its ease of cleaning and its lack of hiding spots for allergens.

Easy Care

After your stone floors have had a sealant applied, the care is as easy as a quick sweep and mop! The sealant prevents liquids from being absorbed into the stone and helps protect the surface.

With stone floors, there is no need for constant replacing like carpeting or refinishing like wood floors.

Versatility and Uniqueness

Stone floors offer both versatility and uniqueness to a home. Depending on the type of stone used you can style it to be either rustic (slate or travertine) or elegant (marble). Because of the different hardness levels stone is versatile enough to be used inside or outside and its natural source guarantees that no two stones the same.

Naturally Cool

If you live in a warm climate, stone floors are a great choice because they do not radiate heat and naturally stay cool to the touch. Those who live in cooler climates have the option of adding radiant heating below the floor or area rugs to warm the space.

Stone Floors: The Obvious Choice

Natural stone floors have stood the test of time in popularity and strength to withstand the elements and wear and tear. Whether you are considering new flooring for inside of your home or outside, stone floors will be a choice that will add a high-end look to your home that will last for years to come.

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