A Gentle Reminder: You Will ALWAYS Be a Work In Progress

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We are destination oriented creatures. We think in terms of where we want to be, what we want to do, how much we want to see, achieve and accomplish. And while this is the fire that motivates us to achieve great things, this mentality can also prove damaging to us. It can prevent us from being able to enjoy the moment in real-time. Not to mention preventing us from feeling satisfaction when we’ve achieved our goals and start reaping the rewards. If you’re tired of feeling like your best is never good enough or that your hard work is never rewarded, here’s a gentle reminder… you are, and will always be a work in progress. And a beautiful one at that!

Love your changing face and body

We all have things we’d like to change about ourselves in face and body. But while you should absolutely try and straighten your smile with invisible braces or slim down your waistline through diet and exercise, try not to fall into the trap of trying to recapture your 21 year old self. Our faces and bodies change as we get older. We can’t prevent it. We can’t avoid it. But we can accept, love and improve our changing faces and bodies as we get older. 

Enjoy each rung on the career ladder, not just the top

We all have career goals and ambitions. We all want to be more effective and productive at work. We all want to be lauded by higher ups and admired by colleagues. But in your zeal to get to the top, don’t fall into the trap of missing the joys to be found in the middle or even at the bottom. Every single rung on the career ladder has the potential to bring you great joy and fulfillment. 

Stop treating your reading list like an ordeal

Many of us have a pretty robust list of books that we want to read. We may keep these piled up on the bedside cabinet or add them to our Amazon wish-lists. Still, this list never stops growing as new recommendations are made to us by friends or online. But try not to fall into the trap of racing to the end of each book just so you can start the next. We can miss out on the insights, stories and beauty contained within in our attempts to be more like Warren Buffett.  

Look towards your goals… but take a moment to look back

For some reason, we have developed a negative attitude towards looking back at our accomplishments. We’ve become conditioned instead to set our sights on the next challenge and propel ourselves towards it. However, that can rob us of our sense of accomplishment and pride. By all means always have a goal in sight for your personal life, your professional life or your health and fitness… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a moment every now and then to look back. To reflect on all we’ve accomplished and all we have to be proud of. 

Self-reflection is an integral part of learning. Please don’t deprive yourself of it. Or you could find yourself not only failing to appreciate your accomplishments, but making the same mistakes twice. 

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