A Tribute to the Master: A Look at Karl Lagerfeld’s Five Most Iconic Fashion Shows

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At the age of 32, Karl Lagerfeld began his career in the fashion industry at Fendi, before later moving on to Chanel in 1983. During his time with the world-renowned brand, the iconic German designer revolutionized the nature of catwalk shows throughout his time at the pinnacle of fashion. So, let’s take a look at Lagerfeld’s five most iconic fashion shows.
Spring/Summer, 2012 – Airplane Inspired
It’s a testament to Lagerfeld’s standing within the fashion industry that, at the end of Chanel’s Spring/Summer show of 2012, the German took to the airplane-style catwalk to take in the applause from those in attendance. The legendary designer continued to, throughout his career, revolutionize the nature of fashion shows, with this particular event needing five days just for the design of the interior.
Much like many of Lagerfeld’s shows, every aspect of the airplane-themed show was meticulously selected to ensure that the setting was as similar to a functional, real-life plane as possible. For example, the catwalk itself was blue, mirroring the sky-blue color that passengers would be accustomed to while flying. Lagerfeld would later put a spin on this idea in 2016, when his spring collection was showcased at Chanel Airlines.
Fall/Winter, 2014 – Grocery Shopping
Few of Lagerfeld’s shows have been more memorable than Chanel’s Fall/Winter collection of 2014. From a visual perspective, this may not have the most breathtaking, but the level of detail which went into this event showcases the designer’s desire for perfection across all elements of the show.

According to Vogue, the shelves which made up the bulk of the catwalk environment were stacked with thousands of items, while numerous products had been re-coded to match the Chanel brand. The fashion-themed food market was anything but traditional in its approach to modeling, with catwalk stars, including Cara Delevingne, strutting down the aisles passing each other various items.
Autumn/Winter, 2015 – An Immersive Casino
In addition to the above shows, another of Lagerfeld’s most iconic fashion displays occurred in 2015, when Chanel took their Autumn/Winter collection to Paris. France’s famous Palais was transformed by the brand’s world-famous designer, who secured numerous celebrity quests for the show, including Lily-Rose Depp and the first actress to win a Cesar award, Kristen Stewart.
Along with showcasing the latest trends, this particular show provided spectators with immersive entertainment to enjoy throughout the event. Within the venue, those in attendance could utilize the available blackjack and poker tables, in addition to slot machines. Crucially, this theme has recently attracted more admirers than before, when most people played in land-based settings, with many operators now offering top Vegas slots online. In turn, this made it an ideal backdrop for the glamourous couture show.
Spring/Summer, 2016 – The Dollhouse
Perhaps one of the iconic fashion designer’s grandest shows came back in 2016 when the creative thinker opted for a brand-themed, life-size dollhouse for his Spring/Summer collection. The sheer scale of the event has made Lagerfeld’s haute couture show from four years ago one of the most memorable to ever hit Paris’ fashion week, as he successfully pulled out all the stops.
Like many of Lagerfeld’s events and Chanel’s shows, the famous dollhouse spectacle featured a star-studded catwalk line-up, with Bella and Gigi Hadid, along with Kendall Jenner, taking to the stage to model the German’s latest trends.
Fall/Winter, 2019 – A Final Alpine Adventure
Although it may not be as iconic in regards to visuals as some of the above shows, the Fall/Winter collection of 2019 will live long in the memory of those associated with the fashion industry. Two weeks prior to the event, Lagerfeld sadly passed away, but his forward-thinking approach remained evident throughout the show.

During the planning process, the German was determined to once again produce a masterful show, with the catwalk, on the day of the event, being designed in the style of an alpine village in Switzerland. Again, the show didn’t cut any corners, with the log cabins producing real smoke. As always, the line-up was packed with stars, as Cara Delevingne led the way.
Lagerfeld Truly was the Master of Fashion Shows
Ultimately, for Lagerfeld, his job as a designer wasn’t just about creating and showcasing the latest fashion trends. For many, many years, the German ensured that Paris’ fashion week became a highly-anticipated occasion as he consistently bettered anything that had been seen before on the catwalk.

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