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It’s not even summer, but it’s just about time to start putting together next year’s cheer uniforms design. If you’re interested in having the uniforms be unique and specifically designed by an artist, you need to start brainstorming now so that uniforms will be delivered by the start of next year’s cheerleading season.

Designing the perfect custom cheer uniform for your squad can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be, as long as you don’t wait until the last minute. Since VSU cheer uniforms are designed by an individual artist, you’ll get high-quality designs, and can make unlimited revisions before the uniforms go to production.

If you’re interested in getting ahead and ordering cheer uniforms for your squad for next fall, check out how easy ordering can be in the following infographic. It shows the five simple steps on how to go about ordering the perfect cheer uniform. This infographic answers all of the most common questions about what to expect when going to order your uniforms through Victory Cheer Uniforms, from the unique design, unlimited adjustments, free sizing kits, all the way through to production and shipping. Check it out below:

Infographic Design By Victory Cheer Uniforms Victory Cheer Uniforms

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