Auto Insurance Discounts & Benefits for AARP Members

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If you’re 50 years old or up, AARP is an incredible organization to start looking into. Getting a membership with AARP has countless benefits, all aimed at helping the 50 and older middle-aged to elderly community. One of these benefits is auto insurance discounts. Keep reading to find out more about AARP, and the great benefits they offer.

AARP Membership

The American Association of Retired Persons, or AARP, is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that works to help protect the interests and needs of people 50 and up within the United States. Their memberships are available for all people over 50, whether or not they are still working or retired. An AARP membership comes with hundreds of benefits and social programs, making it a great choice to join.

AARP and Car Insurance

Many insurance companies run their own AARP insurance programs that offer lower rates and rewards. AARP auto insurance rates are competitive and offer many great benefits. When shopping for car insurance, it’s important to look for these offerings. AARP member benefits can be a good reason to switch to a new insurance provider, as they offer much better prices than conventional rates. 

Program Benefits

Many AARP auto insurance programs include the following benefits for participating AARP members: 

  • Lifetime renewability: Never worry about renewing your policy. With lifetime renewability, you will be able to renew your policy as long as you are able to pay your premium and maintain a valid drivers license.
  • Full-year rate protection: Get your premium rates locked in for a full year, so you can rest assured you are getting the same price all year long.
  • Added assistance after accidents: Getting added help for paying home services like lawn care, snow removal and more, when you are injured in an accident. 
  • Lifetime car repair coverage: When choosing one of the companies recomened repair shops, you get insurance that the job will be done right. If not, the insurance provider will pay for the damages. 
  • AARP home and car insurance bundles: Special bundles offered only to AARP members that provide even better discounts than your traditional insurance bundle packages. 
  • Disappearing Deductibles: As you drive safe, your deductible will decrease each year until it’s down to zero, when you are able to maintain a clean and accident-free driving record. 
  • Deductible Discounts: Discounts like deductible reduction if you choose an authorized repair shop. AARP members can also receive One deductible if more than one of your cars are damaged in a natural disaster. 

Making The Switch

It’s always good practice to look into your policy and research available alternatives. When you become an AARP member, this becomes even more important. 

AARP members are offered significant discounts from many different insurance providers, so shopping for your best option can amount to some substantial savings. When thinking of switching insurance providers, it’s essential to consider these steps:

  1. Coverage options: It’s important to find the right amount of coverage for you. Low coverage will leave you more financial responsibility, weigh the options based upon the age of your car, and how much driving you do, to find the amount of coverage that works best for your situation. 
  2. Consider your timing: It may be easier to switch plans at the same time as you would have to renew your existing policy. Moving is also another good time to check rates, as different zip codes can affect your rates. If you’ve recently been in an accident, it may not be the best time to renew. 
  3. Compare your rates: It’s important to check your rates with numerous providers to ensure the rate you’re receiving is the best rate available. 
  4. Avoid an insurance coverage lapse: When choosing your policy, make sure you set it up to start during the last day of your current policy. A coverage lapse can come with serious fees, so it’s important to avoid a lapse if possible. 
  5. Cancel your current insurance policy: It’s important to contact your current provider and cancel your policy. You may want to do this before signing your new policy, but after doing your research. If the old company values your business, they may try to negotiate a better rate to keep you as a customer. Either way, it’s important to contact them and make sure they don’t have you set to renew automatically. 

Finding the Best Rates with AARP

AARP is a great membership program for people 50 and up. The deals and benefits the organization offers are going to help save a lot of money that can be put away for your future. Don’t let any of these benefits go to waste. If you are an AARP member, consider changing your auto insurance policy today.

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