Beauty tips during COVID19 isolation

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Now during this season of isolation, it’s imperative that we not only stay connected with those we love but most importantly connecting within to ourselves while we are alone.
Connect within through our mind, body and spirit.  Tap in to replenishing and recharging our thoughts throughout each day by focusing on positivity . Think about how you see yourself when this season of isolation is over . Look forward to the future and charge your mind in the direction you visualize for yourself later this season. Prepare now for later. We are all going to come out of this stronger. Keep thinking that for a healthy mind. Step away from world news and tap into your physical body. Calm your mind with stillness even if it’s for 5 minutes a day by meditating. You will find with this sense of stillness comes enlightenment from your spirit. Now more than ever we need to soulfully connect. There is so much beauty surrounding us everyday , embrace nature. Find yourself in a peaceful, beautiful state of being here now and be in the moment.
Nourish your mind, body and spirit each and everyday with anything and anyone who makes you feel even more alive and inspired than you did yesterday.
Nicole Cyrese Eventoff  Hairstylist
Metropolis Spa Salon Princeton,NJ
Editorial hair freelancer / contributor NY
IG @nicolecyrese

Nicole Eventoff can be regularly found working editorial, fashion designer campaigns and runway for New York Fashion Week. Nicole has recently launched “Hair Jewels by Nicole Cyrese”. The brand is built around the vision that every woman deserves to feel like a fashion icon.

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