Finding The Motivation To Exercise

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We all know the benefits of exercise, but this often isn’t enough to get us off the couch. For those of us that don’t enjoy a work out, other motivation is often needed. Here are just a few of the ways in which you can motivate yourself to exercise.

Have a clear goal

Having a clear goal can give you something to work towards. ‘Losing weight’ isn’t a clear goal – instead aim to get into a certain size of jeans or to reach a certain weight on the scales. You could try to give yourself a date by which point you want to reach this goal. You can even set monthly goals along the way.

Set a schedule

It’s easier to keep up an exercise regime if you’re working out at the same time every week. This allows it to become a routine. Pick a time of the week when you’re regularly available and feeling most motivated. A lot of people find that they’re more motivated in the morning – it may take more effort to convince yourself to exercise after a tough day at work.  

Exercise with other people

Not everyone enjoys exercising alone. Having a training buddy could spur you on and make exercise more fun. It could be a chance to catch up with a friend (just make sure that you’re actually exercising and not just talking). You may also feel that you’re letting them down by skipping your workout, plus they may be able to talk you into exercising when you’re having a lazy day.  

Join a class

Another option could be to join a class. This could be a chance to meet lots of people on top of exercising. You may be able to find a gym that does martial arts or spin classes or dance classes. Alternatively, you could join a sports club such as an outdoor running club or tennis club.

Hire a trainer

Hiring a personal trainer could also be a way of spurring yourself on. Not only will they be able to offer encouragement, but they’ll also be able to provide you with a workout plan and specific exercises that help you meet your personal goals. You can find personal trainers in gyms, however you may also be able to find personal trainers online that are willing to train outside of a gym.

Exercise at home

You don’t have to leave your house to exercise. If you find gyms intimidating and don’t like the idea of jogging in the rain, you can always plan a workout from the comfort of your living room. You could invest in home gym equipment or simply rely on static exercises – and you may even be able to watch the TV while doing it.

Record your progress with apps

Recording your progress can help motivate you to keep going – you’ll realize how far you’ve come and what you need to do to improve. Fitness apps are a great way to record progress and they can give you clear stats. You can link them up to wearable tech and you may even be able to compete against other app users. 


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