How an Accident Can Impact Daily Life, Mental Health & Relationships

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Being involved in an accident can change your life in many ways and not just physically. Road traffic accidents, slips, trips and falls, medical negligence and any other type of accident can all take their toll and impact just about every aspect of daily life, including finances, mental health and even relationships.

Hidden Impacts

The Make it Right Campaign from the National Accident Helpline generated a report on the hidden impacts of accidents where over 1,000 people were surveyed to discover the impact that an accident has had on their life and it revealed some sad and shocking statistics. In addition to over two-thirds experiencing mobility issues, 72% of respondents also claimed that they suffered from mental health as a result of the accident.


Unsurprisingly, the report also highlighted how it was not just the individual that suffered as a result of the accident. 38% of respondents claimed that the accident had a negative effect on relationships, especially spouses as 49% stated that their partner had to take on the role of a carer after the accident. These changing circumstances and the financial implications of an accident can put great strain on a relationship and especially when the injured individual is responsible for paying the bills and raising children.


53% of those surveyed claimed that they were unable to look after their own children which can be problematic, particularly when the cost of childcare is considered and the potential financial ramifications of the accident – 50% of respondents claimed that their partners were worried about money after the accident. These statistics reveal that an accident can negatively many areas of life and make it challenging for many households to manage while the individual is recovering from the accident and this can take its toll emotionally on everyone which only makes matters worse.

Seeking Compensation 

It is clear that money is a major concern during this time and this is why those that are involved in any kind of accident that was not their fault should consider taking action with a no win, no fee claim. You can get expert personal injury lawyers that specialise in your particular injury to work on your behalf to get the compensation that you deserve. You can recover general damages that consider the pain and suffering along with the impact on your ability to lead your life, as well as special damages which cover any financial losses as a result of the accident – this can include current and future loss of earnings, care, treatment etc.

Moving Forward

While compensation does not reverse time, many people find that it can help and not only in a financial sense. Many people find that compensation can help to provide closure and hold’s the individual/entity responsible for their actions (this could also stop the same incident from happening again).

Accidents can negatively impact many areas of life, including mental health and relationships with partners, family and friends. It can create many difficulties in terms of daily life and the household, but claiming compensation can help with this and should certainly be considered by anyone that has been involved in an accident.

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