How Cardi B and Kylie Jenner Helped Take Fashion Nova to Over 14M Followers

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Fashion Nova is known for crafting fashionable pieces at very affordable prices. Their strategy rests on social media; their team scours Instagram for the most popular outfits and the newest trends, putting new pieces into production within a day. They have their production scheme down to a science; it can be just a few days’ time before a customer is able to purchase a similar outfit to what they just saw a celebrity wearing. 

To grow their loyal following as they have, they have expertly used celebrities and influencers. In the absence of a traditional marketing strategy, they have built a team of over 3,000 influencers, both big and small. To showcase their clothes to online audiences, they partner with both celebrities and smaller influencers. Studies have found that smaller influencers – those with followings under 500,000 – are actually incredibly influential. They are often seen as leaders of a niche group and have a loyal following who are ready to take their product recommendations seriously. On the other hand, the brand partners with celebrities who have millions of followers on their own – partnerships which result in huge profits for Fashion Nova. 

Their strategy in terms of celebrity partnerships is to sell the idea of haute couture. Showing that celebrities can wear Fashion Nova pieces just as they do designer ones instills confidence in the consumer and makes them very likely to buy the product, as they can probably afford it. It helps to make the “celebrity lifestyle” more attainable for the everyday buyer. 

Cardi B and Kylie Jenner have launched two influential celebrity partnerships with Fashion Nova. Cardi B launched her first collection in November 2018, and her second line, “Season 2,” launched this past month with 80 pieces. Sales were astronomical, as Season 2 sold out within 24 hours of the launch and brought in a profit of $1 million. This sell out is a huge indicator of the brand’s increased reach with their partnerships, as Fashion Nova had stocked five times the amount of product that they had for the first launch, yet it still sold out almost immediately. She describes the clothes as “sexy, yet so pretty and elegant. I made sure it was sexy but also beautiful.” She even mentions the site in her song “She Bad,” saying “I could buy designer but this Fashion Nova fit”.  

Kylie Jenner is another essential ambassador for Fashion Nova. In fact, the brand even has an entire category on their website dedicated to showcasing the pieces that she has worn from their collections. Notably, Kylie wore a black skin tight dress from the site to Coachella, and it sold out nearly instantly. Kylie has echoed the calls of Cardi B on her Instagram, posing seductively in a $28 dress with the caption “Left my designer for this @FashionNova fit”. 

The brand actively works to expand the reach of the partnerships beyond just clothes. Notably, Cardi B and Fashion Nova have teamed up in the COVID-19 pandemic to use some of the profits generated from her launch’s massive success to ease the financial burdens that many of their customers may be facing right now. They have pledged to give away $1,000 every single hour until May 20, 2020, reaching a grand total of $1 million. Founder Richard Saghian says, “People are struggling to pay rent, buy food, medicine, and other essentials for themselves and their families. We all feel compassion and concern for those affected by the novel coronavirus.” 

This humanitarian advocacy is not a new program for Fashion Nova, as they have Fashion Nova Cares, their program “focused on charitable giving and advocacy.” To apply for aid, customers just have to go onto to share their story. 24 people will be chosen each day, and each person will be mailed a $1,000 check to help ease up some of their financial strain during this highly stressful time. The program will continue at the end of the pandemic as well, as Richard Saghian says, “All of us have to play a part in supporting the communities we serve. Our Fashion Nova Cares initiative will continue beyond the current challenges of COVID-19 with additional endeavors and programs that will further help make a positive impact in people’s lives.”

Both celebrity and advocacy strategies have helped take the brand to massive success. Partnering with influential celebrities increases their reach and tells customers that their pieces are high fashion, making buyers much more likely to purchase. Particularly because many pieces are even modeled after Kardashian outfits, endorsements from queen Kylie Jenner herself bring the brand a ton of street cred. Fashion Nova Cares, as well as Cardi B’s COVID-19 aid campaign, bring a humanitarian element to the company that consumers like to see, particularly in times of crisis. Showing care and concern for their customers during this time is not only the right thing to do, but is a strong business strategy as we look into how consumers will want to spend their money throughout the duration of the pandemic and as we come out of it. 

Fashion Nova is truly an industry leader when it comes to using celebrities and social media to bring success. Looking to the future, the brand is expected to continue to grow both their community of influencers and loyal brand following.


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