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Nine Reasons You Need an IT Consultant

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Are you managing your IT yourself? Or relying on one-off fixes when problems arise? What if I told you an IT consultant would be a million times better for your business? Here are nine reasons why. 

1. No downtime

Having an IT consultant around means that any issues will be dealt with instantly, and you won’t have to wait for hours for your systems to come back. That means your staff are always able to do their jobs, and you are still able to run your business. If downtime means your business can’t run and your team can’t work, it costs you money. The longer that downtime goes on, the more it costs you. No downtime means no wasted money for you. It will also mean a lot less frustration, and you can avoid customer complaints.

2. More efficient staff

With your computers running correctly, your staff are free to get on with their jobs. Laggy computers and tech-related bugs make your team unhappy and stressed. In a poor frame of mind, they aren’t going to function at their best. If you give them the best, most efficient tools to do their jobs with, they’ll be much happier and thus, much more efficient. This is particularly important if you run a commission or achievement-based program in your office.

3. Predictable costs

A regular IT consultant provides you with a consistent price, so your IT issues can be solved by an expert paid for within your existing monthly fees. Otherwise, you’re likely to have to pay higher amounts unexpectedly for one-off fixes. Having a regular IT consultant working on your devices and connections is much more cost-effective, and you’ll avoid expensive call-out fees too.

4. Well-maintained network

Having a well-maintained system is essential to your business. An inefficient network means a disorganized business. An IT consultant keeps everything running smoothly and will help support the day-to-day running of your business, so you get to take your business to the max. It also allows for faster communications between you and your staff so that you can get on with your job. If you have instant-messaging or email support for clients or customers, these must be kept running well.

5. Less stress

If you know an expert is managing your IT, there’s a lot less for you to worry about. Plus, you’ll avoid all the stressful issues, like loss of data, downtime, and unhappy staff, that an improperly managed network can cause. When there are problems, the situation will be resolved quickly and professionally, which minimizes stress for you. 

6. Better skillset

Using a company like IT Consulting means you have skilled experts working on your network, which has to be better than figuring it out yourself or getting the tech-fan in the office to look at it. A professional service will more than pay for itself, as they’ll save you hours of downtime, resolve issues much faster than you can, and maintain your systems regularly. They are also much less likely to damage anything while working on it, and if they do, you’ll be covered by their insurance, so you won’t have to claim on your own.

7. Networking

Making use of an IT consultancy is an excellent opportunity to network and mingle with other local business owners. If you’re in marketing, accounting, or something similar, you have a service you can sell an IT consultancy. If your business doesn’t target an IT consultancy, you can still split the cost of networking events or spread the cost of office parties. Also, maybe the IT consultancy will give your business cards or flyers out to their clients. They probably know the local business circuit well — definitely something you should take advantage of.

8. Quick solutions

A regular IT consultant will get everything back up and running in no time at all. They’ll have all the tools and skills to hand, and if you’re using them regularly, they’ll be familiar with your systems, too, so things get fixed quicker.

9. Smoother running

Every business owner wants their business to be the most efficient it can be, and a well-maintained computer network is vital. If your systems are slow, bugged, or just plain inefficient, it’s going to have an impact on your business. IT consultants can identify where your systems need improvement and offer advice and suggestions on how to fix it. 

With an IT consultant managing your tech, your business can run smoothly all day, so why not consider one? 


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