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Orlando’s Housing Marketing and the Coronavirus

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The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way of life for people across the globe. Though the virus remains a threat, and likely will for quite some time, some businesses and industries are slowly starting to re-open, but much of the damage has already been done when it comes to certain business sectors.

The unemployment rate in the United States is over 4%, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted due to the virus, experiencing its biggest crash since 1987, and small businesses across the country have struggled to stay afloat since quarantine and lockdown orders were in place for 95% of the country.

Even things we consider to be staples have taken a huge hit, including the oil and airline industries. While domestic flights are still allowed, airlines have seen a huge drop. Oil prices are at the lowest they’ve been in decades, which might be good for travelers but it’s “tanking” the industry. The entire situation has left many industries wondering what the future will look like or if the overall industrial environment of the country – and the world – will ever be the same.

But, not every industry has hit the wall due to COVID-19. The housing market, for example, hasn’t taken that much of a hit because of the pandemic. In fact, the Orlando real estate sales volume has gone up throughout this time of social distancing. Home prices have increased as well. This is good news for local real estate agents as well as the housing market, in general, since it makes up such an important part of the overall economy.

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