Should You Choose Booths or Technicians to Get the Best Tan?

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You probably know that getting that sun-kissed look without letting the sun touch your skin is the healthy way to enjoy a beautiful glow. You may be in the middle of researching how to bronze your skin the healthy way if you’re preparing for a special event, gearing up for beach season or trying to look a little livelier! Let’s talk about the best way to get a natural-looking spray tan that doesn’t show off telltale signs like orange splotches or streaks.

What Are Your Options for Getting a Tan?

You have two options to choose from when going for a professional tan. The first is to have your spray tan applied by a technician. The second is to have your spray tan applied in a booth.

Let’s talk about why good application is so important when having a tan applied to your skin. The fact of the matter is that any little “mistake” is going to show. Inconsistent application can make it very obvious that your tan is a spray tan. Things like streaks or white patches will really stand out once your skin is a shade darker because this creates a big contrast between your new shade and your old shade.

Unfortunately, it can be very hard to correct tanning mistakes. It is very easy to walk out of a booth with a big streak or blotchy area without even knowing it! You won’t have much room for correction once your spray tan has dried. Let’s take a look at a booth versus a technician when it comes to getting your perfect spray tan.

Booth Tan

Many people like the convenience and privacy of a spray booth. It’s true that this option can offer a quick way to get in and out. However, you’re definitely sacrificing some quality when you opt for this choice. The big drawback is that you’re using a one-size-fits all tool for your very unique body. It can feel like you’re getting a spray tan “shower” when you use a booth. What’s more, a booth can’t really apply your tan based on the shape and contours of your body. That means that there’s a good chance that the tanner could pool in certain corners and creases. It’s easy to walk away with streaks or messy areas on your skin resulting from the inaccurate distribution of tanner from the spray nozzle. There’s also no option for you to “correct” an issue as it’s occurring because you can’t see what’s happening all over your body during the process. You also won’t see the way your skin is reacting to the tanner until you’ve already stepped out of your booth.

A Technician

Some people assume that booking a tanning appointment with a technician at a spray tan salon is a hassle. The process actually isn’t much more complicated than booking a spot in a booth. The big difference is that you’re getting the artisan touch of hand application! A tanning technician can create a custom approach based on your skin tone and body. Technicians use airbrush techniques that apply the tan to your skin flawlessly. What’s more, a technician can control the intensity of the spray as they move around your body. The fact that a technician is controlling and monitoring the tan throughout the application process means that you don’t have to worry that you’re going to walk away looking orange. You can also have confidence that your tan is going to be applied evenly without any streaks or pooling.

Looking for the Best Tan Without Stepping Foot in the Sun?

It’s understandable that some people looking for an easy way to get a sunless tan might think that a booth is the obvious answer. However, it’s important to know that a booth can’t deliver the accuracy and precision that a tan artist with airbrush tools can. The big idea to take away is that there’s really no hiding a bad tan job! Do what you can to make sure your tan looks as natural as possible!


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