The Underrated Benefits of a Massage

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A massage is perhaps one of the oldest forms of healing that we know. Many ancient civilizations used massages for their therapeutic properties. Considering they formed the basis of the medical world thousands of years ago, they probably knew what they were up to when it came to massaging. Nowadays, massages are seen as mainly a form of alternative medicine and to promote a healthy wellbeing, but did you know that massages can still offer some underrated benefits that a lot of people don’t realize?

So in this post, we’re going to talk about some of the biggest advantages of a massage and why you should consider going for one on more often or even purchasing your own at-home massage tools and equipment.

Helping with pain in your body

Massages can actually help with pain in various places around the body. A massage can decrease the severity of tension headaches and can also help with painful joints as a result of arthritis and other similar conditions. Even a single massage session with a trained therapist can help relieve all kinds of stress and pain in various places around your body.

Improving your quality of sleep

Massages are a great way to promote healthy and restful sleep. It also helps those who can’t otherwise rest comfortably at night, such as if they’re struggling with minor insomnia. It can even help those who are undergoing chemotherapy and it’s also proving to be an effective way to soothe children before sleep. While it might be a little impractical to go for a massage before bed, there are at-home solutions such as a shiatsu massage chair. These are great machines to have at home when relaxing and can be used shortly before bed to promote a much healthier sleep cycle.

Boosting your immune system

Past studies have shown that massages are capable of boosting someone’s white blood cell count. White blood cells play a major role when it comes to dealing with infections and diseases. They’re incredibly important when it comes to bolstering our immune system, and massages have proven to be a vital step in preparing our bodies for illnesses.

Helps with sedentary lifestyles

These days, more and more people are starting to live sedentary lifestyles where they spend the majority of their time sitting. This can cause all kinds of postural stress which changes the way we sit and stand. A massage can do wonders for dealing with all kinds of pain and stress in our bodies as a result of our sedentary lifestyles.

Soothes your anxiety

Studies have shown that massages are capable of soothing your anxiety and reducing stress. Advanced massage therapy can often be used as a form of behavioral therapy, especially when combined with medication. Massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to medicine when treating conditions like stress and anxiety. In fact, a 60-minute massage has been shown to lower your stress hormones by up to 30 percent in just a single session.

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