Transitioning into Veganism: How to go About It

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There are so many great arguments for going vegan, and if you’re considering it, chances are you have some valid reasons for doing so. Maybe it’s purely from a health perspective; with such a wide variety of ingredients available to us that provide all of the nutrients we need- we don’t have to rely on animals as a source of nutrition like our ancestors once did. Vegan diets tend to be higher in fruits, vegetables, complex carbs and other highly nutritional ingredients meaning if done right, they’re an excellent way to achieve good health. Perhaps your reasons are environmental; farming livestock to eat as food and factory farming has significant detrimental impacts on the environment, or it might be animal cruelty that’s the main factor. If you’re not eating animals, you’re not personally responsible for the lives that are being lost. For most people considering veganism, it’s a combination of things- but whatever your reasons it’s a fantastic thing to consider. However, there’s no doubting that it’s hard, especially when you’re used to (and enjoy) eating meat. It might not be something you can do overnight, here are some ways you can transition into a vegan lifestyle. 

Start with a few vegan day each week

Instead of vowing to never touch meat or dairy again, for many people it can be easier to start smaller. Dedicate certain days of the week where you can still eat what you want, and the other days to eating vegan. This allows you to build up your repertoire of vegan dishes and experiment without feeling like you’re going cold turkey (excuse the pun). Over time you can gradually reduce your meat and dairy days and up your vegan days as you learn more about the diet and lifestyle and feel more confident in what you’re doing. 

Find vegan restaurants and businesses

Thankfully, with veganism becoming more and more popular there’s a much wider selection of products out there to suit a vegan lifestyle these days. To fully transition into this way of eating and living, you need to find businesses which replace those that you currently used. From restaurants and other eateries to clothing and beauty brands, even health products like  vegan workout supplements will need to replace what you were currently using (as many contain gelatine and other animal derivatives). Again, this isn’t usually something you can do immediately, allow yourself that transition time so you can experiment and find products and businesses you genuinely enjoy. You definitely don’t have to just settle because the company is vegan, with so many to choose from you should buy from brands you really like. 

Decide what level of veganism works for you

For some people, cutting meat, dairy and animal products out of their diet is as far as they want to take veganism and that’s great- all of the better choices we make in the world add up. Some people want to go further and use strictly no animal products at all. Have a think about what veganism means to you and what your journey will involve.

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