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4 Ways to Choose the Right Piece of Jewelry

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Jewelry is an indulgence that society has long enjoyed. The glittering beauty of gold and diamonds bring about thoughts of opulence and status. 

Jewelry has always been the center-piece of expressing one’s personality. The shape, size, choice of metal, and gemstones tell an intricate story about the wearer’s personal taste.

If you’re not quite sure how to convey a unique statement with your choice of jewelry, keep reading to discover four useful tips that will aid you in the process.

Every Day or Formal Jewelry

Most of us have a favorite piece or two that we wear sacredly every day. These items tend to be sentimental, which can make it hard to incorporate with other items.

The jewelry you choose to wear daily should be discrete and go with just about anything. This can include a simple necklace, ring, or subtle pair of earrings. Your classic golds and silvers work best here and match with any other color. Take a look at this 18k gold over sterling silver necklace from Ary D’po.

On the practical side, you want these items to stay out of the way of your activities. The last thing you want is for a big ring to catch on everything you touch and snag on clothes. 

When heading to a more formal event like a wedding or a fancy party, you want to look the part. Many ladies focus on the dress they choose, but they neglect the fact that the jewelry can be the perfect finishing touch. 

We love classic pieces that fill in the gaps. This could be a necklace with a large pendant for your plunging neckline or some long dangling earrings for a higher neckline. Don’t be afraid of anything sparkly, either.

Match Your Natural Coloring

The right choice of jewelry has the power to accentuate your natural beauty and highlight your unique features. While making a purchase decision, consider your skin tone, as well as hair and eye color. 

Warmer skin tones will appreciate gold, rose gold, and bronze. If you want to add some gemstones, opt for browns, yellows, and oranges to highlight your natural color.

For cooler skin tones, silver and platinum are your best friends. Use them together with bold gems in red, blue, or green shades. These eye-catching options will add a lively contrast to your complexion. 

Stay True to Your Style

We all have our own style. Some of us love to experiment with statement accessories, while some prefer keeping it minimal.

If you want to stand out in the crowd, colorful, chunky pieces will do the job perfectly. However, if staying out of the limelight is more your thing, go for small pieces in a color you love. You’ll be staying true to yourself and reflecting it with your jewelry.

Look at Your Attire

Consider the types of clothes you have in your closet. If you wear a lot of sleeveless dresses, then bangles should be added to your accessories. Some bold and decorated earrings will help boost your outfit if you wear dresses with high necklines. 

Are your clothes plain or printed? Plain outfits can be dressed up with larger pieces, or co-ordinated with smaller styles to create a daytime outfit. 

You need to be careful when accessorizing heavily decorated or printed dresses and tops. If your clothing includes patterns, opt for bracelets and earrings to offset your outfit instead of statement necklaces and beads that can overbear the ensemble.

Keep Your Jewelry Organized

You’ve collected all the pieces you want for every kind of outfit and event, but you need to make sure you keep them arranged neatly, or you could end up losing your favorite items. A classic jewelry box is a must, and you can store small pieces in a Deepking Label – custom jewelry pouch.


Not everyone needs to follow the latest fashion trends to make a personal statement. Knowing what works for you and how best to exhibit your most beautiful jewelry pieces is enough to create your unique style. 


Sasha Duncan is a bookworm, fashion enthusiast and a consultant for Palmaira, a supplier of the best Menorca sandals Australia has to offer. She loves reading crime novels and being with her dogs, Maya and Buster.

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