5 Core Exercises for Seniors to Improve Health and Fitness

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Studies show falling causes the most fatal and non-fatal injuries in seniors. What’s even worse is, falling once increases a senior’s chances of falling again within the next 6 months.

While these statistics point to a sobering problem, the good news is there is a way seniors can reduce their risk of falling: exercise.

Performing core-strengthening exercises is key to maintaining balance and stability, which is essential for preventing falls. For a senior, exercising your core can literally save your life.

If you are a senior in need of core strength or have a loved one who can use a little more balance in their life, here are several core exercises for seniors that will do the trick.

1. Abdominal Bracing

One of the great core exercises for the elderly is abdominal bracing.

To perform, stand tall and pull your belly button back towards your spine. While you are drawing in your abs, lightly contract them. Hold this position for a few seconds and then release your abs.

Repeat for 5-10 reps.

2. Semi-Sits

An exercise that is great for core strengthening for seniors is the semi-sits.

To perform, stand in front of a chair with your abs and glutes engaged. Slowly lower yourself towards the chair as if you are going to sit down. Lightly touch the chair with your glutes and then slowly stand up.

Repeat for 5-10 reps.

3. Dead Bug

The dead bug is one of the most effective core strengthening exercises for seniors.

To perform, lie on your back, raise your legs to a 90-degree angle, and raise your arms to the ceiling. Engage your abs and slowly lower your right foot to the floor, maintaining the bend at the knee. Slowly lift your leg and repeat on the left side.

Repeat for 5-10 reps on both sides.

4. Bridge

The bridge exercise is one of the best core exercises for older adults.

To perform, lie down on your back and bend your legs at a 90-degree angle. Tighten your abs and glutes while you slowly push your hips towards the sky. Hold for a few seconds and slowly drop your hips back to the floor.

Repeat for 5-10 reps.

5. Seated Torso Twists

One of the best core exercises for seniors is the seated torso twist.

To perform, sit in a chair with your back straight, your feet flat on the ground, and your knees hip-width apart. Raise your arms, bend your elbows, and place your hands on the back of your head. Exhale and twist right, center, right and do the same for the left side.

Repeat for 5-10 reps on each side.

Use These Core Exercises for Seniors to Have Better Balance and Stability

Maintaining balance and stability is vital for seniors to reduce the risk of falling and live a healthy, quality life. Performing these quick and easy core exercises for seniors a few times a week will not only give you a stronger core, but also improve your posture, prevent and manage back pain, and help you regain or preserve your mobility.

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