5 Things Your Car Is Saying About You (Whether You Like It Or Not)

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Fairly or unfairly, rightly or wrongly, we tend to use our material possessions as modes of self-expression. We communicate not just through words and gestures but in the clothes we wear, the art we choose to etch onto our bodies (or not), the holes we punch in our skin and what we fill them with. All of it says as much about ourselves as our words and actions. Whenever we invite someone into our homes for the first time, we invariably dash around like people possessed beforehand, ensuring that things are clean, tidy and orderly and that our homes are saying all of the right things about us. 

Whether we like it or not, the same goes for our cars. Everything from the condition of the paintwork to the way in which we drive them makes a statement to friends, family and strangers alike. Here’s what your car (or cars) might be saying about you…

I really need to take better care of myself

Your car tends to become a reflection of your lifestyle. If your vehicle is pocked with small dents, bumps and scratches. If it hasn’t been washed all year. If it’s stuffed full of fast food wrappers, empty drinks cans or the remnants of the kid’s half eaten yogurt pots, your car could be screaming out that you need to slow down and take better care of yourself.

I’m very shrewd and thrifty

An old car needn’t be a signal to the world that you’ve given up. Indeed, a car that’s 20 years old or more, yet meticulously well cared for (despite not being a classic car) is a sign of extraordinary thrift and discipline. It shows that your car was intended to be a long term investment and you’ve done your due diligence to ensure that it is well looked after. 

Just because I’m a parent doesn’t mean I’m not cool!

There’s an unfortunate stereotype that dictates people surrender their cool cards on the day their children are born. But there are, understandably, many parents of all ages who refuse to accept the assumed truth that just because they’re a parent doesn’t mean that they’re not cool. You’ll often find these hip cats looking into a New RAM truck for sale. They manage to ensure that they get the practicality they need without skimping on the flourishes.  

I’m the boss and I don’t care who knows it

You work hard, you play hard, and you expect at the very least to have some cool toys to show for all your toil under the fluorescent lights. You’ve clearly spent some money on your vehicle and you treat it like your pride and joy. Some might worry that their vehicles are a little too ostentatious, but not you. You’re the boss! And you don’t care who knows it. 

I care about the planet

Finally, in this new age of eco-conscious vehicles, many of us are choosing to wear our green credentials on our sleeves. We’re driving electric or hybrid vehicles, and making sure that our choice in bumper stickers reflects our eco-passions! 

You can expect to find these vehicles parked considerately outside organic or wholefoods-based grocery stores.

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