5 Ways To Curb The Expense Of A House Move

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Okay, so moving house is going to be expensive – you don’t need us to remind you of that nuisance fact!

However, there are ways to reduce some of the financial burdens you will have to face, so it is possible to move to a new place painlessly. Check out our suggestions below to find out more. 

#1: Be mindful when viewing properties

Sorry to say it, but while you might have spotted your dream house in a fancy location, it will quickly become the home of your nightmares if the ensuing mortgage is too high for you to cope with, and if you have to pay extra on your household bills and insurances. So, work with your real estate agent to find something you can afford, and consider the various household costs you will be faced with so you can find something according to your budget. 

#2: Get a good deal on your mortgage

Don’t go with the first lender who offers you a mortgage as you might be able to find better mortgage rates if you shop around. We came across this site,, for example, who offer the lowest mortgage rates in Kitchener, Ontario. You can do other things to secure a better deal on your mortgage too. If you can improve your credit score beforehand, you should be given a fairer rate of interest. And if you can pay as large a deposit as you can at the outset, you will also have less interest and a shorter payment plan to make life easier for you. 

#3: Declutter before your house move

The fewer items you have to take with you, the less you will have to pay when hiring a removal service. So, declutter the various rooms of your house, and either give away or trash certain items, or sell a few, as this way, you will be able to raise more money to ease the financial pressures of a house move. 

#4: Find the cheapest day to move

Think of this in two ways. Firstly, if you can move on a day when you don’t have to work, you won’t have to lose any income. So, think about that when you are planning a date, and perhaps move during your planned vacation time. Secondly, know that removal services often charge more on a weekend or during the summer months, as they know that these are popular times to move. So, book during the off-peak season, and consider moving on a weekday if that doesn’t interfere with your income. It’s also a good idea to book a removalist in advance, as you might secure a discount this way.

#5: Ask for help

If your friends and family can help you clean your house before leaving, you won’t have to pay for a professional cleaning service. If they can help you transport your belongings, you won’t have to pay for a removal service. And if they can do other things, such as help you make repairs in your old or new property, you will have fewer maintenance fees to worry about. So, think about all the things that could cost you money and try to ease the pressure by asking others to help you. 

These are just some of the ways to curb the expense of a house move, so if you’re thinking about upping sticks anytime soon, consider our ideas and save yourself some money. You will then have more money to buy things for your new home, and you might get to order a takeaway on the first night in your new surroundings!

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