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6 of the Best Ways Real Estate Brokers Can Recruit Agents

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In order to achieve business growth and stay ahead in a highly competitive industry, real estate brokerages must continue to recruit skilled agents. Indeed, it can be argued that a brokerage is only as successful as its agents.

This is why brokers need to learn the art of recruitment. After all, other companies are also looking to recruit the same talented people into their fold. It’s important to remember that there is no single best way for a broker to recruit real estate agents (click here for more information). You have to combine a few methods to truly see excellent and consistent results.

That said, here are some things you can try to recruit real estate agents:

Look Outside the Industry

Sometimes, the best real estate agents aren’t real estate agents just yet. There are times when they’re hiding as top performers in the insurance or financial services industries. Try adjusting your recruitment communications strategies to also target salespeople from related fields. You might even discover a rockstar-in-the-making who used to work in retail.

Of course, you’ll have to invest in their training. While there are similarities between insurance and real estate, there are also nuances that should be taken into account. Offer mentorship programs as part of your compensation package to entice talented salespeople to join your team.

Talk to Your Clients

A good way to find skilled real estate agents is to talk to your clients. Find a way to smoothly mention that you’re looking for new agents to your brokerage and ask if they know anyone who’s looking for an opportunity. It’s likely that your customers have also transacted with other agents and would therefore have recommendations on who might be a good fit. It’s best to get in touch with clients you’ve worked with for longer, since they would be more familiar with your brokerage’s services. 

Host and Attend Events

Industry events are some of the best places to scout for talented real estate agents. Conferences and conventions present various learning and networking opportunities; you can bet that there will be all kinds of rising stars and rockstars present looking to improve their CV and expand their network. If you can, try to book speaking engagements or lectures. These will help put your brokerage and your agents at the forefront.

Aside from attending events, you should also consider hosting your own. It could be a mini-workshop with an industry expert, or purely for socialization. You can even be a little more upfront about it and conduct a recruitment night. The bottom line is that by hosting events, the spotlight will be on your brokerage. This will send out a message to all interested parties, whether they’re real estate agents or potential customers.

Maximize Social Media

If you’re looking for younger real estate agents in particular, the best recruitment platform would be social media. A significant majority of millennials and Gen Z are active on social media, so you already know that the message will be received. However, you should pay careful attention to which platform your target audience really uses. Do your homework and figure out if they’re more active on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. This way, you know exactly on which sites you should maintain high engagement and invest in terms of ads.

You should also ensure that you’re consistently producing high-quality and engaging materials. Videos have been proven to be more engaging than photos, especially because it involves more senses. However, don’t discount the power of well-designed visuals. In particular, make sure to use an attention-grabbing thumbnail for your videos.

Use Recruiting Software

Let’s face it: recruitment can get a little tedious. Thankfully, technology has made recruiting software a reality. These are designed to boost recruitment success through streamlining processes such as sending emails and text messages. Recruiting software can also provide campaign templates, automate outreach, and, most importantly, import leads from reliable sources. Of course, using recruiting software doesn’t mean you’re removing the human element of recruitment. Rather, you’re making things easier in the back-end so that you have more time to interact with potential candidates.

Recruit Both Young and Experienced Agents

If you really want to acquire the best agents for your brokerage, you shouldn’t put an age limit. It’s true that older agents can bring in a wealth of experience and knowledge, not to mention their loyal clients with them. However, young real estate agents have a lot of potential and passion. Keep an eye out for these people. You might even want to enlist the help of your experienced team members to provide an honest assessment. After all, it takes one to know one. If you focus only on a certain demographic, you might be missing out on a potential superstar. 

One final thing to keep in mind when recruiting (and retaining) talented real estate agents is this: think of yourself as the recruit. Look at your methods and your focus. If you’re looking from the outside in, do you want to be part of your brokerage? Own your process, invest in technology, and showcase the value of your brokerage to real estate agents. This way, you can truly recruit the best. 

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